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Luis Enrique officially resigns as Spain’s head coach

The Spanish football federation has officially confirmed today the departure of Luis Enrique as Spain’s head coach. “We would like to thank Luis Enrique and his entire coaching staff,” said the board of Spanish football.

Enrique was appointed back in 2018 in order to prepare for future major tournaments, but he left for a short period of time because of some personal problem. However, he returned back in 2019 motivated more than ever to make this new chapter in his life a success.

He took control of a nation which had been simply dreadful since the Euro 2012 as after achieving so much success, the European giants were just managing to qualify for the round of 16 in major tournaments.

Enrique writes emotional message before departure

And except for this year’s World Cup he really took his nation to another level from where they were 4 years ago. He helped his team reach the last 4 of the Nation’s League twice which is last year and this year too. And along with that Spain made it to the semi-finals of the Euro 2020, only losing to Italy on penalties.

Luis Enrique wrote an emotional message to all of Spain after his resignation in which he said, “Of course, to the players who have been exemplary in their behaviour and faithful to the idea raised. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more, also to the assistants… who work tirelessly to help the players and the staff in everything what we need. It has been very special to be a part of this. Last but not least, to the fans who have uniformly shown their support for us at all times and especially in the most delicate ones. It’s time to say goodbye and in these cases just a little reflection… what the team needs is SUPPORT in all its meaning so that [new coach] Luis de la Fuente achieves everything he wants. Let’s go SPAIN! Until forever. Thank you! LEMG.” All in all, he was surely a good coach for the European giants and he hs indeed started the process of the rebuild which can certainly be seen.

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