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Luis Enrique likely to resign as the Spanish coach

The 2010 World Champions Spain were one of the favourites to win this year’s tournament, but they certainly couldn’t live to the expectations. This is because their run in the cup ended in the Round of 16 after they suffered a shocking defeat against the underdog Morocco. The match went all the way to penalties and La Roja were simply dreadful in the shootout as they couldn’t even manage to score once from the spot.

After the game, Luis Enrique took full responsibility of the defeat by saying that he choose the penalty takers and maybe it was a mistake about the tactics. He is now out of contract this summer after being appointed boss in 2018.

Enrique might lose his job after torrid performance

Enrique resigned as the manager for a short period in 2019 because his late daughter had been diagnosed with bone cancer, before returning and guiding Spain to the Euro 2020 semi-finals, where they lost to Italy on penalties.

So now about his future he said,”Next week we will speak and discuss about my future, now it’s not the right moment – I’m the one responsible. If it was up to me, I would stay all my life, but that is not the case. I have to think calmly what is the best for me and for the national team. All situations will have an influence.” And if Luis resigns as the coach, the Spanish footballing federation are considering to sign former Belgium coach Roberto Martinez.

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