List: Youngest Debutant and Goal scorers for Brazil football team

Brazil is arguably the most rich and fertile nation for producing young football talents. The nation is always at the front of the show for each global activity on the football field. Most of the talents debut at a very early age for the national team and they maintain their magical performances in the coming year as well.

Brazil has produced matchless three-time FIFA World Cup winner Pele, magical Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and unbeaten Neymar Jr. The South American nation has set some incredible records in football. It has won five FIFA World Cups and nine Cops America which still is an unbroken record. 

Now, young talent Endrick is the new addition who debuted for the senior national team of Brazil at a very young age. Endrick debuted against Colombia for the 2026 World Cup qualifier match at the age of 17 years and 183 days which makes him the fourth youngest debutant of Brazil.

So, who is the youngest debutant for Brazil and other young debutants? Here, you will get to know about these things in detail and others as well.

The youngest debutants of Brazil

Pele: 16 years, 8 months, 14 days

Brazil Declares 3 Days National Mourning For Football Legend Pele
Brazil Declares 3 Days National Mourning For Football Legend Pele

The global footballing legend Pele is the youngest debutant in Brazil. In 1957, he made it into the senior team when he was just 16 years 08 months, and 14 days old which is still a record. The football made its debut game against Argentina in a 1-2 loss. Although his debut of Pele wasn’t good, the future has shown his potential in short playing time after the first halftime.

Pele has guided his national team in three World Cup triumphs in 1958, 1962, and 1970. He also set a record for being the only player to win the World Cup within one year of debuting to the national team. After one year Pele was fully given the responsibility of attacking wing and he did it very well in all the World Cup tournaments. 

The record, legacy, and talents of Pele are still matchless in the whole world. Over the years his body of work roared even more.

Edu: 16 years, 9 months, 30 days

Jonas Eduardo Americo is largely known as Edu in the football world. He is the second youngest debutant in Brazil. On 5 June 1949, Edu debuted against Poland in a 4-1 victory. At the time of his debut, he was just 16 years, 9 months, and, 30 days and was playing at the club Santos.

Edu has played 42 games for Brazil and secured eight goals. A couple of years ago Brazilian legend saw Edu playing in Sao Paulo and was impressed by his talent and skills. It was Pele himself who recommended his name to Santo’s manager. 

Soon both Pele and Edu became teammates in Brazil’s national team. The two of them played together in the 1966 and 1970 FIFA World Cups. Later, without Pele for company, Edu also played in the 1974 edition of the World Cup.

Coutinho: 17 years, 28 days

Brazilian striker Coutinho is the third youngest debutant in Brazil. On 9 July 1960, he made his debut in a 0-1 loss against Uruguay. Pele and Edu Countino also played for the Brazilian club Santos.

Coutinho is the record goal scorer for Santos, he has scored 368 goals in 457 matches. He made a dangerous attacking duo with Pele. They were equally dangerous for both the club and the national team.

It was quite unfortunate for Coutinho that he got injured in 1962 and couldn’t continue his journey with Brazil’s national team. It was a friendly match against Wales where he got injured. Due to this he could only play 15 games for Brazil and scored 6 six goals. 

Endrick: 17 years 183 days

Who Is Endrick Felipe? Brazilian Prodigy Who’ll Join Real Madrid and Idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo
Who Is Endrick Felipe? Brazilian Prodigy Who’ll Join Real Madrid and Idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo

Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa known as Endrick is the new and fourth youngest debutant for Brazil’s national team. On Friday, he registered this record to his name in a World Cup qualifier match against Colombia. The young man has already had a blast by signing for the Spanish giant Real Madrid. He will join the Madrid in July 2024.

Currently, the 17-year-old is playing for Serie A club Palmeiras. On his debut to the senior team, Endrick said “It’s a dream to wear this shirt,” Endrick told FIFA after joining Fernando Diniz’s squad. “I know I’m young, but things have always happened very quickly for me. 

“It’s my first call-up and I just want to enjoy the moment. What I say to those closest to me is that I can’t stop here. I want to break more records and achieve a lot more in football.” 

The young Brazilian talent has a promising career ahead of him on both the country and club levels.

List of top 10 youngest debutants for Brazil’s national team

Player NameAge at DebutMatch Result
Pele16 years and 8 monthsBrazil 1-2 Argentina
Edu16 years and 9 monthsBrazil 4-1 Poland
Coutinho17 years and 28 daysUruguay 1-0 Brazil
Endrick17 years and 3 monthsColombia 2-1 Brazil
Walter17 years and 4 monthsBrazil 2-0 Uruguay
Ronaldo17 years and 6 monthsBrazil 2-0 Argentina
Fortes17 years and 8 months and 9 daysBrazil 3-1 Argentina
Joel Camargo17 years and 8 months and 12 daysBrazil 5-1 England
Osny17 years and 9 monthsUruguay 0-1 Brazil
Carvalho Leite18 years 25 daysBrazil 4-0 Bolivia
Vitor Roque18 years 25 daysMorocco 2-1 Brazil

Youngest goalscorer for Brazil

There is no talk in this as well like who is the youngest debutant for Brazil. It is Brazilian legend Pele who made the opening goal to equalize the billing against Argentina in the 1957 Roca Cup. Brazil lost the match by 2-1 but the 16-year-old Pele has shown his talent in front of the world.

The hero of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo Nazario also made the list. At the age of 18, he scored his first goal for Brazil’s national team. Later on, he turned out to be a great legend of Brazil.

The next on the list is probably the most renowned Brazilian footballer of the current time ie Naymar Jr. At the age of 18 years and 10 months, the ex-Barcelona striker scored his first goal on his debut for the national team. He also became the all-time top scorer for Brazil by beating football icon Pele. There are other players like Ronaldinho, Zico, Romario, and more who score at a very young age. 

Below is the list of more young goalscorers for Brazil:

Player NameAge at Debut Goal
Pele16 years 9 months
Countinho17 years 3 months
Zico18 years 2 months
Ronaldo18 years 7 months
Romario18 years 9 months
Neymar18 years 10 months
Ronaldinho19 years 6 months
Adriano 19 years 7 months
Bebeto19 years 8 months
Robinho19 years 8 months

Brazil’s Youngest Goal-Scorers: A Legacy of Talent Emerges

In the illustrious history of Brazilian football, a rich tapestry of talent has graced the pitch, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. One remarkable aspect of this legacy is the age at which some of Brazil’s footballing legends made their debut on the international goal-scoring scene.

At the summit of this list stands the iconic Pele, who at the tender age of 16 years and 9 months, announced himself to the world with a goal that foreshadowed the greatness that would define his illustrious career. Following in his footsteps, a string of prodigious talents emerged, each carving their own path in the annals of Brazilian football.

The likes of Countinho, Zico, Ronaldo, and Romario displayed a precociousness that belied their youth, all finding the back of the net before their 19th birthdays. Notably, Ronaldo’s debut goal at 18 years and 7 months marked the beginning of a storied career that would see him become one of the greatest strikers in football history.

The turn of the millennium witnessed the rise of a new generation, with Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Adriano making significant contributions at remarkably young ages. Neymar, at just 18 years and 10 months, showcased his flair and skill, providing a glimpse of the superstardom that awaited him.

However, the journey to footballing greatness is not without its twists, as exemplified by the likes of Bebeto and Robinho. Both players, with debut goals at 19 years and 8 months, demonstrated that the path to success is not always a sprint but can be a steady climb, defined by perseverance and dedication.

As we reflect on these remarkable milestones, it becomes evident that Brazil’s footballing prowess is not just a result of individual brilliance but a testament to a system that nurtures young talent. The youngest goal-scorers for Brazil represent a mosaic of skill, flair, and resilience, embodying the nation’s enduring commitment to the beautiful game. As the legacy continues to unfold, one can only wonder which young sensation will be the next to etch their name into the storied history of Brazilian football.


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