Lionel Messi scores bicycle kick in opening fixture against Clermont; PSG win 5-0

Lionel Messi scores bicycle kick in opening fixture against Clermont; PSG win 5-0
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Lionel Messi is up and running in the 2022/23 season. He bagged two goals and one assist in the opening fixture of PGS against Clermont. But his second goal of the game is breaking the internet.

There are many things like skills, agility, and acceleration that are associated with Messi. But acrobatics is not one of them. And the little magician proved everyone wrong by scoring what can be the most acrobatic goal of the season.

It was in the 86th minute that Lionel Messi scored a bicycle kick past the Clermont keeper.

A pinged pass by Leon Paredes, a fellow Argentine, found Messi cutting across the defenders. He used his chest to take control of the ball. And then showed the world what a smooth overhead kick looks like. The movement was almost in slow motion and awed everyone in the stadium.

With this goal, PSG completed a 5-0 thumping of Clermont in their opening fixture.

A Great start to the season for Messi

Messi had a fabulous game overall. His involvement with the team was palpable. And it was visible in the fact that he set up an excellent pass for Neymar, who opened the scoring.

Later he made some excellent runs and commendable passes before scoring his first goal in the 80th minute.

It was Neymar who set Messi up inside the box. Messi just had to beat the keeper from the six-yard box. And the Argentine would have scored with closed eyes from that kind of range.

PSG’s team performance

The team of Paris Saint Germain played as a unit in the season’s opening encounter. Like a perfect machine, every part of their team was working in proper fluidity and synchrony. From the defenders to the wingers to the strikers, everyone was in the game. Hence, they had a 5-0 score line to show for it.

Neymar opened the scoring in the 9th minute. Hakimi followed it up in the 26th before Marquinhos put the lid on the game in the 38th minute.

PSG hopes to continue in a similar fashion to clench their thirst for European trophies.

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