Lewis Hamilton nears quitting Mercedes in bid of Eighth title; Ferrari boss “fed up” with performance

Jeddah: F1 returns this week with the second race of the current season to be held in Jeddah after a 2-week hiatus and this race week brings a lot of excitement tension and some really flattering news surrounding Lewis Hamilton.

The last grand prix was won by Max Verstappen of red bull and his teammate crossed the line in second position to make it a 1-2 for the champions Fernando Alonso crossed in 3rd and meanwhile it was a bitter race for Hamilton who finished in 6th place.

Troubles for Mercedes

The Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has claimed the team didn’t listen to his ideas and decided to stick with the same concept which plagued the squad last season. It has led many pundits to wonder if Hamilton could quit the German manufacturer to ensure he secured his eighth crown.

The testing sessions were also not helpful for the team as they had to encounter failures although by the time the grand prix started some fears were put to rest but they came out on the race day and were confirmed when Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso overtook Lewis Hamilton.

Last year around it was when the troubles actually started when the car wasn’t at his desired level as he was used to and even the team principal acknowledged this and said they missed some developmental targets and will come with a big upgrade but they worked little and didn’t assure the Briton of anything fundamentally and were off the pace in last season.

Troubles for Ferrari

Ferrari this season has been featured in the news in the last week or so, it has been mostly negative. Ferrari appears to be a hotspot for massacres with one person after the other losing their place within the team, while Mercedes appears to have given an ultimatum to its technical director.

Ferrari started even worse than their German counterparts when their Lead driver Charles Leclerc suffered an engine problem and had to retire from the race and seems like they will get a penalty at the race for a gearbox change this weekend.

And they seem to be also firing some key personnel and bringing in new people but there are fears it can have a negative impact on the team.

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