Jake Paul ,Problem Child, beats MMA legend Anderson Silva in boxing match; people call it rigged

Jake Paul, the problem child, triumphs once more by defeating the great Anderson Silva, a veteran UFC fighter. Anderson Silva has only competed in four professional boxing matches, but let’s face it—the man is a fighter.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva

Yet, for the masses, a win for Jake Paul was too much to handle. And soon after the fight was over, there were people claiming that it was rigged. However who so ever has seen it will know that the fight was as real as anything could be.

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva battle it out for the glory

Before Anderson Silva, each of Jake Paul’s opponents had rather stiff movements and relied more on the power of their blows. While Anderson Silva is indeed a ” Spider,” he has fluid punches and jabs that may not appear to be menacing at first glance but does the job nonetheless.

So this fight was always going to be a huge challenge for Jake Paul.

I won’t discuss the technical aspects of the fight, but I will undoubtedly discuss the astute planning that enabled Jake Paul to defeat the legendary Anderson Silva. As we saw, Jake initially employed a move that was extremely reminiscent of Conor McGregor, but in the early rounds, he tried landing his left arm a few times which had helped him knockout all of his opponents.

But when Anderson Silva noticed the powerful left arm aiming for his right chin, he would simply dodge it due to his exceptional agility in this fight. The “clinching,” however, was something Anderson Silva did not anticipate or was unprepared for.

When Anderson Silva attempted to hit Jake Paul with a combination of punches, Jake Paul would cleverly clinch Silva to escape, or rather deflect, the blows.

Jake had a straightforward plan for this fight wear Anderson Silva down before going in for the kill. Considering Jake’s most recent fight with Tyrone Woodley, I must admit that I’m really impressed by his cardio. Throughout the bout, he maintained his calm while slowly but steadily trying to jab his way forward.

As this was Jake Paul’s sixth match, it is very clear that the problem child is actually extremely talented. Although you may have all the coaches and conditioning specialists in your training, on fight day it will be up to you to carry out the plan in front of everyone.

Jake Paul’s responds to “rigged match” comment

Jake’s response on the MMA pod just a day after the fight was very emotionally charged. He said that he had lost faith in this generation and the society as a whole because he had worked so hard and given up so much, he had a 15-person team supporting him to help him become the best boxer he could be. But he knows in his heart that what matters most. He also mentioned how the intelligent mma community had recognised his talent, and notable figures like Ryan Garcia and the WBC president had congratulated him. For him, online trolls don’t bother him at all.

And I am aware that Jake Paul frequently deals with a social media crisis brought on by his critics and fans, who are presuming that maybe all his fights are rigged. But in the end, that’s all fantasy; it’s obvious that he genuinely knocked down Anderson Silva in the eighth round by landing his blows there. Apologies to the keyboard warriors, but he is now a legitimate fighter and boxer and there’s nothing they can do about it.


As we saw at the conclusion of the fight, Jake Paul called out boxing world champion Canelo Alvarez rather than his archnemesis KSI (JJ Olatinji). Although it’s a big reach for Jake, it’s actually a smart move because, as we all know, Canelo Alveraz won’t fight Jake for the money; instead, he wants to leave a lasting legacy with each victory. However, what Jake Paul is doing in this situation is making sure that they are constantly aware of him so that when Canelo Alveraz is offered to Jake Paul in the very future when his resume is actually stacked up, for his legacy and honour he will actually face Jake. However, that seems a little improbable, and I believe we would have to wait at least 3 to 4 years for that fight to take place.

The next opponent for him may be Nate Robinson, who reportedly got into a fight with one of Jake’s teammates. It’s a profitable fight for him, but what he is attempting to do here is far bigger, therefore I believe waiting for a real professional boxer would be the best course of action for him.

The KSI fight will likely be on the 2023 card, and while that is undoubtedly the biggest event, Jake Paul can actually arrange for another fight to take place before that, but you never know what the “Problem child” is actually planning. Jake also intends to develop a fighters association with Silva, which is significant given his continuing conflict with Dana White. Given how young he is, Jake is currently developing something substantially bigger, which is fascinating.

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