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Emi Martinez Auctions World Cup Final Gloves for Cancer Patients’ Fund

Argentina’s World Cup winning and Golden Glove winner, Emiliano Martinez, has shown a heartwarming gesture according to the latest reports.

Emiliano Martinez auctions off World Cup finals gloves

Martinez, who had earlier been a topic of controversy after his actions following his World Cup victory with Argentina, has been reported to have auctioned off the gloves that he had worn during his victorious 2022 FIFA World Cup final against France.

This auction has been done, apparently, for the purpose of raising funds for a childen’s cancer hospital according to the sources.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper stated that when he was given the opportunity for donating the gloves worn during World Cup, he did not hesitate since it was a good cause for the boys.

According to reports, the auction was held in an online mode earlier of Friday, and Martinez himself participated in the online auction to sell “Dibu” through a video-link from England, where he plays club football for Aston Villa.

Emi Martinez auctions off gloves for cancer patients

During the event, Martinez apparently had said that the World Cup finals were not played every day and this made the gloves special. However, it would be helping a child much more than Martinez himself hanging them in some frame in his house.

The Argentinian Pediatric Foundation announced the auction and Martinez’s action on Instagram and posted with a caption saying, “$45,000 for the Dibu gloves to help the Garrahan boys!”

Inside the gloves, there was the signed autograph of Martinez upon the announcement of the particular donation of the “golden gloves” of the Argentinian keeper back in February.

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