Drunk player dangled me from balcony: Chahal makes shocking revelation

Indian spinner and IPL superstar Yuzvendra Chahal has made a shocking revelation regarding mistreatment by a co-player.

When Rajasthan Royals shared a short video on their social media handle, the incident came to light. The video was titled “comeback stories” and featured Chahal alongside Ashwin and Karun Nair.

Chahal narrates the horrible incident at Mumbai Indians

Chahal took this video as the perfect opportunity to narrate this story. He started off by saying, “not many people know about” this incident. And then went on to share the details of the gory incident in which he was hanged on the 15th floor of a building by a co-player.

This incident, according to Chahal, took place in 2013, when he made his debut for Mumbai Indians. Chahal said it was an after-match party, and the player was too drunk. He added that he was hanging by the man’s torso for his life. A slight mistake would have ended his life.

Later he was rescued by some of his teammates who noticed the incident. Chahal refused to name the player, though, and nobody knows who it could be.

It is the first time that Chahal has talked about this incident.

Chahal was bound, tied and taped in 2011

 However, this is not the first time he’s been bullied. A few years ago, Chahal opened up about being bullied by Symonds and Franklin in an interview.

He clarified that Symonds had drunk too much and found it very funny to tie Chahal up. Later the duo taped his mouth too and asked him to free himself. Chahal was obviously unable to do so, and the team left him in the room.

Later, Chahal was freed by the cleaners in the morning. Surprisingly this incident too happened during his time at Mumbai Indians.

Chahal played only one season for Mumbai Indians before joining Royal Challengers Bangalore. In that one season with MI, Chahal played only one game in the entire season and went wicketless.

Yuzvendra Chahal is not the only player who has been bullied in the Mumbai Indian dressing room. A few years ago, Uthappa also mentioned some senior players bullying him. He, too, didn’t name the players but revealed that they made him sign transfer papers.

These matters have never been investigated thoroughly by the authorities. But the fans would like to know the real identity of these players.

Cricket is a team game, and there is no place for bullying in it.

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