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Ben White Breaks Silence After Leaving England Amidst Ongoing World Cup 2022

Ben White seemed enthusiastic to be back training with his Premier League team, Arsenal. He went with the England team for their World Cup 2022 campaign earlier.

The English player later left England’s World Cup campaign for “personal reasons” and returned to the United Kingdom on November 30. He didn’t appear for the English side in two of their opening matches, also missing their victory over Wales owing to illness.

Although, it has been rumored that White’s untimely departure from England’s camp was due to his argument and fall-out with Southgate’s second-in-command and assistant manager of the English team. Another reason is his failing to get along with the squad off the pitch, making his journey in Qatar unhappy.

One week after leaving the English side, White was seen to have joined up with his Arsenal teammates, who are preparing to return to action against West Ham and are currently in Dubai.

Arsenal is set to face Juventus and AC Milan while completing their stay in the Middle East. However, it is not known if White, who plays center-back for the Gunners, will feature in either of the games.

Ben White breaks silence on Social Media about his World Cup ousting

White posted a note on Instagram after joining his club mates in Dubai, and interestingly, it is the first thing he posted on any social media since he left England’s World Cup campaign midway.

The post featured three photos of White; one showed him in the gym with some weights, while he captioned it, “We back baby.”

He also posted a picture of him training with the rest of his Arsenal teammates and then another with just a single straight photo of the Arsenal training jersey.

Gareth Southgate was previously asked about the alleged ‘bust-up’ between White and Steve Holland. To which he responded by telling the reporters:

“What I’ve been shown was alleged, and there was another word that was used [in the article].

“I think by commenting on the story, I could be giving it any form of credibility, really. We explained why Ben left the camp, and I think it’s important that that is respected, really.”


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