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Angel Correa Scores After Being Substituted off in Atletico Madrid vs Getafe

In a shocking unfolding of an event earlier at the Atletico Madrid vs Getafe game, a player who was already substituted off the pitch scored a goal and then celebrated the goal scored from the bench after wearing his coat.

This situation had resulted because of a delay in the results of the VAR after it had been reviewed in the match between Atletico Madrid and Getafe. The goal had earlier been disallowed by Antonio Mateu Lahoz.

Angel Correa scores from beanch in La Liga

This unprecedented situation came into being after at the 59:40 minutes of the match Thomas Lemar shot the ball from the edge of the area and the rebound of the ball was seized as an opportunity by Angel Correa.

However, the celebrations were very short lived for a mere milliseconds after which the goal ended up being marked disallowed.

However, after half a minute the scoreboard told another tale at the 60:15 minutes of the match, which was exactly one minute and 25 seconds later to be precise, the same Mateu Lahoz made the gesture for the “screen” in the air and pointed his hands toward the center circle.

The goal scored by Correa had stood as per the results by the VAR and all his teammated had rushed to the technical area to celebrate for real this time with Correa, who had already been substituted off and was sitting on the bench.

The Argentinian world champion had acknowledged the situation but asked for some space from his excited teammates, and then jumped with his fist raised in the air to celebrate one of the most strangest goal celebrations ever.

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