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Amit Mishra slams Shahid Afreedi for his comments on Virat Kohli

Amit Mishra slams Shahid Afreedi for his comments on Virat Kohli

Amit Mishra, the veteran leg break bowler, is known for his quirky replies on the internet. And he is once again in the news for giving a befitting reply to Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi on his comments on Virat Kohil.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when a video of Shahid Afridi surfaced on the internet. In that video, Afridi was interviewed on Samaa TV in Pakistan. He was asked about his views on Virat Kohli’s form. And the former Pakistani player said that Kohli should retire at the peak of his form.

Amit Mishra gives Afridi a befitting reply

“The way Kohli played, the start that he had to his career, he struggled, but then eventually made a name for himself. I believe there comes a stage when you are headed towards retirement. But in that case, the aim should be to go out on a high,” Afridi said.

He added, “It shouldn’t reach a stage where you are dropped from the team. Very few players, especially cricketers from Asia, make that decision, but I feel when Virat does it, he will do it in style.”

These comments by Afridi were met with severe outrage on social media. However, the Indian spinner uniquely lambasted his former adversary.

Taking a jab at Afridi’s infamous retirements from international cricket Amit Mishra shared a tweet which read, “Dear Afridi, some people retire only once so please spare Virat Kohli from all this.”

Noticeably, Afridi has announced his retirement five times and returned on four occasions. His complete and final retirement came in the year 2017. Since then, he has not made a comeback.

Virat Kohli, on the other hand, is far from being retired. He has made a remarkable comeback to form in the recently concluded Asia Cup.

Kohli smashed his 71st international century in that tournament. Ending the 1019-day-long wait and looks far from settled. He has more accolades to gather in the near future.

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