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AB de Villiers ruled out of playing at top level after undergoing eye surgery

One of the most loved cricketers in the world AB de Villiers has ruled out any chances of his return to the professional cricket.

The South African international retired from cricket in 2018. And since then, his return to international cricket has been speculated at large.

AB de Villiers reveals his eye injury

However, the player on Monday ruled out his return to the international cricket. In a live stream on twitter, de Villiers revealed that he has recently underwent a surgery. Following which he has ruled out any return to professional cricket.

“I am too old now. Legends League seems to be a lot of fun. I was invited, but I had an eye operation. I know you might think that I can play with one eye but I would rather not do that,” de Villiers said.

The player is said to return to Chinnaswamy next year. de Villiers in the same stream confirmed that he will be returning to the home ground of RCB next year. Albeit not as a player but as a spectator and cheerer of the team.

AB de Villiers is a legend in IPL and international cricket. He has 5162 runs in 170 innings in IPL, and 20014 runs in international cricket as well.

Therefore he is a legend of the game and people would have loved to see him on the field for one last time. As things stand, people will be delighted to see him on the ground.  

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