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Yuvraj Singh Opens Up on Relationship with MS Dhoni: “We Were Friends Because of Cricket”

Yuvraj Singh recently shed light on his relationship with former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni, revealing that they were never close friends off the field, is evident in all cricket update. Speaking on TRS Clips, Yuvraj candidly addressed the dynamics of their connection, emphasizing their professional camaraderie during their time in the Indian cricket team.

Yuvraj’s Honest Revelation

While acknowledging their bond as teammates, Yuvraj clarified that their association was primarily centered around cricket. He stated, “Me and Mahi are not close friends. We were friends because of cricket, we played together. Mahi’s lifestyle was very different from me, so we were never close friends, we were only friends because of cricket.” Yuvraj highlighted the distinctions in their personalities and lifestyles, suggesting that their rapport was confined to the realm of cricket.

Yuvraj further emphasized the professional respect they shared, noting instances where they prioritized team goals over personal differences. Recalling moments when they supported each other on the field, Yuvraj highlighted the instances of mutual assistance during critical matches. He pointed out their collaborative efforts during the 2011 World Cup final, where their shared focus on team success transcended personal relationships.

Mutual Respect and Professionalism

Despite acknowledging their limited off-field camaraderie, Yuvraj conveyed mutual goodwill and respect between him and Dhoni. Reflecting on their post-retirement interactions, Yuvraj stated, “He is retired, I am retired. When we meet, we meet like friends only not like ‘I don’t want to get to know you’. We shot an ad together too, and had fun talking about our past days.” This statement highlighted their shared experiences and memories, signifying a positive outlook on their post-cricket relationship.

Yuvraj’s candid disclosure serves to dispel certain speculations about his equation with Dhoni, emphasizing the professional integrity and mutual respect that defined their successful partnership on the cricket field.

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