Wasim Akram Dismisses Claims of Indian Bowlers Getting Special Treatment

Former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram has rejected the allegations made by his compatriot Hasan Raza regarding the Indian team receiving special treatment in the form of customized balls. Akram expressed his disapproval of such remarks, emphasizing the need to maintain sportsmanship and integrity in the game of cricket.

Wasim Akram Denounces Claims of Special Treatment

In response to Hasan Raza’s comments, Akram stated, “I have been reading about it from last couple of days. I want to have the same things these guys are having… sounds like fun. Beizaati apni to karani hi karani saddi bhi na karwao puri duniya vich (Don’t make fun of us in front of the world, please keep those insults to yourself).” He made these remarks during an interview with A Sports, highlighting the need for a dignified approach to the sport.

Hasan Raza alleged that the Indian team was favored by the ICC and the BCCI through the provision of specially modified balls during matches. He suggested that there might be an extra coating on the ball for increased swing, thereby influencing the outcome of close Decision Review System (DRS) calls in favor of the Indian bowlers. Raza’s claims were made during an interview with a Pakistani news channel, ABN.

Raza proposed a detailed process for ball selection, emphasizing the need for transparency and fairness in the ball-handling procedure during matches. However, his comments were met with skepticism and criticism from various quarters, including former cricketers and analysts.

Akram Clarifies the Swinging Technique

Dismissing the conspiracy theories, Akram emphasized that the ball does not contain any external device that could manipulate its swinging behavior. He refuted the notion that a device could be embedded within the ball to facilitate swing. Akram clarified, “There is no device in the ball. You can’t swing the ball with a device. For argument sake if you are trying to swing the ball we can say one is a heavy side, while the other is light side, but you can’t swing the ball with a device.”

The comments by both Akram and Raza have sparked a conversation within the cricket community, underscoring the significance of maintaining sportsmanship and ethical standards in the sport. As cricket enthusiasts await further developments, the focus remains on fostering fair and unbiased competition on the field.

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