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PSG fan hospitalised after AC Milan ultras stabbed him before Champions League fixture

A PSG supporter was hospitalised after AC Milan ultras stabbed him following violent clashes ahead of Champions League game.

The supporters of both teams were present in the streets of Milan on Monday evening, hours before their highly contested Champions League fixture.

According to Corriere della Sera, almost 100 Rossoneri ultras, who were dressed all in black made their way into the Navigli area of Milan, where PSG supporters and other football fans had assembled for pre-match drinks.

They announced their arrival by exploding a large firecracker, and everyone rushed from the bar. The tables and chairs were overturned, while bottles and glasses were smashed on the floor.

Furthermore, a Parisian supporter was treated for stab wounds to his leg before being taken in for medical assistance.

Milan ultras create chaos before their Champions League fixture against PSG

The police force used tear gases to try and disperse the crowds, with the event taking place just before midnight.

A 34-year-old Frenchman is said to have suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries with stab wounds being stitched up.

However, two more fans suffered bruises and bloody head wounds, but refused to go to hospital. While others were helped to nearby hotels, and none are considered to have sustained lasting damage.

No arrests have been made among Milan supporters, with investigators now carrying out checks of the video footage that was captured by cameras throughout the Navigli area.

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