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Messi to bear the hate of PSG Ultras after exit from Champions League

Messi, the stalwart who has completed football is set to be whistled by PSG ultras after getting knocked out of the Champions League, in the game against Rennes, on Sunday.

It comes out that the PSG ultras fanbase has developed some kind of hatred against the Argentine hero, after his hapless performance against Bayern Munich in both the legs. He failed to make an impact against the German team, which might have led to the French team’s exclusion from the European top flight, according to the PSG Ultras fanbase,

“We will whistle at Messi this Sunday. He has too high a salary in relation to what he offers on the pitch”, a member of the Ultras fanbase was heard saying.

Upset about his contract situation

PSG fans are upset about the contract situation of Messi, as no one has ensured about the contract extension of the Argentine World Cup winner and seven time Ballon D’or winner. So, the fans are still in a dilemma whether he will extend his contract this summer. This might add up to the hatred and make Messi a target for disgruntled supporters.

The fans are thinking that Messi is not giving his efforts for the betterment of the club, which might be another case for him to bear the boos and whistles from the disgruntled supporters.

PSG director Luis Campos however was heard saying that he is in discussions with Messi over his contract extension. “At the moment, we are in discussions with Messi for his extension. I would like to keep him in this project, I can’t hide it. We are talking at the moment to achieve this goal, and continue to have him with us,” he told Telefoot.

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