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Manuel Neuer: German superstar custodian goalkeeper to make a comeback after being sidelined for almost an year

Recent football updates suggest that Bayern Munich fans will be able to rejoice after they have got the reports of their superstar goalkeeper Manuel Neuer being able to make a rejuvenating comeback after being on the sidelines for over a year due to a broken leg. According to reports in the German media, Neuer is set to be available for selection during their home game against Darmstadt.

Manuel Neuer- the returning hero

Manuel Neuer has been one of the legendary custodians under the goal since last decade- be it for the German National team or for the Bundesliga greats Bayern Munich. He has been a role model for several youngsters, owing to his agility and tremendous finesse beneath the sticks, thus helping several juvenile talents to look up to him as a superstar. But, his career went haywire last season when he was involved in a freak accident during a skiing adventure, which forced him to end his season, thus leaving Bayern in a tormenting state to find a like-for-like substitute of Neuer. He was compelled to be sidelined for more than a year, as his scans had indicated a major injury. He had travelled with the German national squad in December last year in Qatar, but the former World Champions were knocked out of the tournament in the group stage. After he returned with his national entourage, he was reported to have suffered the knock, thus ruling him out for the rest of the season.

After his injury had commanded a surgery in December, it was decided that he would not feature for the eventual German champions, with Bayern opting for Yann Sommer to guard the sticks, shouldering the responsibilities of Neuer.

“He is delighted”

In a major turn of events and a successful development, it is now confirmed that Neuer will be making his long anticipated comeback in their home game against Darmstadt tomorrow, thus marking his return to the field after the dangerous accident. Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel has expressed his elation in confirming the news as he was heard saying, “He is delighted, we are delighted, and others will probably be delighted too.” Reportedly, his last game in Bayern colors were against his former club Schalke on November 12 last year, days before the World Cup.

Tuchel had earlier informed that the club board would not be rushing about the rehabilitation process of their long-serving captain, but defender De Ligt was heard mentioning about their excitement in Neuer’s return, saying that they are “very happy that Manu will be back soon”, before describing him as “a world-class goalkeeper, one of the best in the history of football.”

Neuer’s return would bolster Bayern’s defense, as they lie on the third position, trailing two points behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen, as the legend would look to make his comeback memorable after taking the field ten months later, preparing himself for the EURO 2024 competition, which will be hosted by Germany.

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