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Luis Diaz: Parents of Liverpool star kidnapped in Colombia; latest reports suggest mother’s rescue

In one of the unexpected and horrifying news of the football world, it is heard that parents of Liverpool’s Colombian star Luis Diaz have been kidnapped. According to the latest football news, as confirmed by the President of Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, it is confirmed that his mother has been rescued but search for his missing father is still going on.

Luis Diaz’s parents get kidnapped

Luis Diaz has been one of the prolific goal scorers for Colombia and Liverpool in the recent times. His meteoric rise is well documented through his exceptional performances for the Colombian National team in Copa America, where he had been a nightmare for opponent defenders, owing to his dribbling finesse and outpacing runs in the opponent half. But last night, he might have faced one of the unprecedented scenarios of his life when reports of kidnapping of his parents surfaced.

Colombian President Gustavo Pedro had mentioned about his mother’s rescue as they have assembled a team of investigating officers in order to search for the missing couple in Colombia’s northern province of La Guajira. Attorney general’s office has also mentioned the rescue of his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, as she has talked with National Police director William Rene Salamanca, but they are still looking into the investigation of his missing father.

Gunmen approached on motorbikes

It has been reported that Diaz’s parents were kidnapped as they drove home, when gunmen approached them on motorbikes, before frisking them away in their vehicle. Colombian football federation has expressed their regret in this incident as they look to investigate into this heinous matter. They have also urged authorities to pace up the rescue of his father.

Luis Diaz was signed by Liverpool in 2022 owing to his exploits with Porto, in a multi-million dollar deal, and has been on the score sheet 14 times in 58 outings for the Reds, making him one of the enterprising players for Jurgen Klopp. He has not commented on his incident, as Colombian authorities try to investigate further. Liverpool play next in the Premier League against Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

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