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Luis Diaz: Liverpool forward’s father could be released within hours, according to latest reports from Colombian military

In latest information regarding Luis Diaz, the Liverpool star’s father could see the release within hours, as his goal celebration against Luton with him lifting his shirt off to demonstrate the message of releasing his father might have taken an impact on the kidnappers.

Luis Diaz- the ultimate embodiment of dedication

Luis Diaz has been one of the pivotal members for Liverpool since the day he joined the mighty Reds. Having previously played for Portuguese heavyweights Porto, and have risen through the ranks of South American football, the Colombian star had first shown his mettle during the 2021 edition of Copa America, where his exuberant skills of dribbling and goal scoring prowess even earned the respect of his opponents in the form of Brazil and Argentina. He came in Liverpool’s radar early in 2022, before signing for the former Premier League and Champions League champions, and went on a goal scoring spree in his first season. He had proved to be the vital cog for Klopp’s men, showcasing his illustrious skills and proving instrumental in tight games.

Diaz’s match winning ability was known for a long time, and he has been spearheading the Reds’ attack since last season, often scoring winners and swashbuckling levelers. In their last game against minnows Luton Town, who almost created history as they were on the brink of defeating the legendary Liverpool side at their den in Kenilworth Road, Diaz scored the equalizer on the dying minutes, thus salvaging pride for Jurgen Klopp, and saving the blushes of the travelling Liverpool fans, thus showcasing his skills on the run, yet again.

A true fighter in hard times

Luis Diaz’s goal might have saved Liverpool from a miniature humiliation, but what made this more special was a interesting message on his inner shirt, which he flaunted while celebrating his last minute strike. His parents were kidnapped few days back by a gang of notorious people who goes by the name of ELN, and were being held hostage by the group. Although his mother was released within few hours, his father still remains in their grasp, fighting for safe release. Luis had thus demanded a timely release of his father through his goal celebration, in front of the entire world. Although going through a family turmoil, Diaz has responded through his strike, which also included a famous appeal, which will go down in memory lane for Liverpool fans.

According to latest reports from an official statement by Colombian military, who took to social media handle “X” to ensure fans by saying, “With this military maneuver, all the guarantees and conditions are being provided so that he can regain his freedom in the next few hours. From the first moment of his kidnapping to date, the ELN is solely responsible for the physical integrity of Mr. Luis Manuel. The mission of the Colombia military has always been to protect the life and freedom of Luis Diaz’s father and all Colombians.”

Although it would still appear that Luis Manuel Diaz is completely safe, until he is with the military authorities, his integrity cannot completely be confirmed. With his rescue, the footballer and his family would be assured and would be free from the mental anguish Diaz is going through, focusing on important upcoming games.

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