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Just In: Allan Donald issues a public apology to Rahul Dravidfor “ugly” behavior; Dravid reacts

15th December 2022: Bangladesh bowling Coach Allan Donald in an interview with Sony Sports Network, apologized to Indian head coach Rahul Dravid. The South African speedster shared an event that had occurred back in the 1997 Durban Test. The final of the tri-nation series played between India and South Africa witnessed one of the many mouthfuls of Allan Donald.

While Donald was widely famous for his spearhead bowling, his infamous glares and occasional mouthful were also the talks of the time. On the contrary, the former Indian batter and current head coach, Rahul Dravid is known for his cool and calm nature. However, that day Donald could not contain himself and spat out what he regrets now.

Watch: Allan Donald issue public apology to Rahul Dravid

WATCH: Allan Donald in an interview with Sony Sports Network, apologized to Indian head coach Rahul Dravid.

In the interview, Donald said:

“There was one ugly incident in Durban that I don’t wanna talk about. He (Rahul Dravid) and Sachin were smoking us to all parts. I overstepped the mark a little bit. I’ve just nothing but massive respect for Rahul. I would like to go out and sit with Rahul and say sorry to him again about what happened that day. I just had to do something silly that brought his wicket actually. But I still apologise for what I said that day. What a guy, what a great bloke. So Rahul, if you are listening. I would love to have a night out with you,” Donaldo said.

In response, the cool and composed Dravid accepted the apology and further said that he’d be looking to it. “Absolutely, I look forward to it, especially if he is paying,” Dravid said with a laugh.

Both Dravid and Donald are currently in Chattogram, Bangladesh. As they coach the Indian and Bangladesh team respectively in the ongoing Test Series commencing on 14th December.

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