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Germany 1 – 2 Japan; Doan, Asano strike to hand Die Mannshaft shocking defeat in opener

The FIFA World Cup has not even reached a week and there are already 2 of the most shocking results in football. Today there has been a massive upset in Group E as the underdogs Japan have beaten the group favourites Germany.

Now apart from the result,this match was an absolute an rollercoaster in itself cause, when the game started it was clearly expected that Hansi Flick’s side would beat the Japanese team.

However, it did not take much time for the Germans to realise that it was going to be tough as the underdogs scored a goal within 10 minutes but it was ruled out by VAR.

Cagey affair in the first half

Since that denied goal, Flick’s players had to really be alert and play well for the rest of the match. They indeed then changed their mentality and played an attacking style of play which benefited them a lot cause at the half an hour mark, they got a penalty to go score the first goal in the match.

It was taken by Manchester City’s midfielder Gundogan and he smashed it in the bottom corner to give his nation the lead. The Germans survived the half and at half time it was 1-0.

Asano, Doan create history in second half

In the second half, it was definitely assumed by everyone who was watching the match that, Germany would now score another 2 or 3 goals and finish this game.

But this is led to complacency in German’s game. They seemed almost arrogant and their underestimation of Japan, made them lost their game right there.

In the second half, it was a completely different Hansi Flick’s side because instead of attacking more, they were quite relaxed of protecting their 1-0 which allowed the Japanese to press more and go for goals.

Due to the Complacent mentality, the first shock came at the 75th minute when Doan scored for his nation and equalised the scoreline. But now it was too late for the Germans, as when their opponents equalised the Japanese fans at the stadium erupted and they hyped up their players.

And due to the sensational crowd support and their winning mentality, Asano scored the winning goal for Japan at the 83rd minute and gave his nation a result that would be remembered in history. All in all, now Germany will face Spain this weekend, and there is huge chance that they’ll get knocked out in the group stage for the second consecutive time in the FIFA World Cup,


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