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Erling Haaland faces possible FA charge for his furious actions against Tottenham

FA (Football Association) could charge Erling Haaland after slamming referee Simon Hooper in Manchester City’s 3-3 draw against Tottenham, in latest football news.

Both City and Spurs played out a thrilling draw at the Etihad Stadium, but manager Pep Guardiola and striker Erling Haaland were upset by the decisions made by Hooper.

Moreover, after the game was over, Haaland posted ‘WTF’ on X after the referee stopped the play when Jack Grealish was clear on goal in added time.

The Treble winners were leading 3-2, but Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski scored a 90th-minute equaliser to make it 3-3.

Man City were looking for the winner in the final minutes of the game, and Haaland managed to give a through ball to Jack Grealish despite being fouled by Emerson Royale.

Grealish was through on goal, but Simon Hooper had blown his whistle for the foul on Haaland. City players were then furious at the referee for not giving an advantage.

Erling Haaland could face an FA charge after bashing at referee Simon Hooper

After the match, Guardiola refused to blame Simon Hooper and said: “I don’t want to criticise them (officials). On the touchline, sometimes I lose my mind.

‌”It’s hard when you review the image the referee decides to blow the whistle after he has already said to play on. I do not understand this action. It’s a pity. Sometimes football is like life, you do not get what you deserve.

“Even the referee – if he played for City today he would be disappointed for that action, that’s for sure.”

City have now failed to win three successive Premier League games, despite leading in all of them, for the first time since 2009.

The champions will now face Aston Villa away from home in the Premier League in a midweek clash.

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