Controversy Surrounds Chelsea FC Sale: UK Ministers Consider Diverting $3 Billion Fund to Israel

In a noteworthy latest football news, UK ministers are now deliberating the fate of the $3 billion raised from the sale of Chelsea FC in May 2022. The decision follows Roman Abramovich’s sale of the London-based club during the freezing of his UK assets amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Proposal Raises Eyebrows

A proposal surfaced suggesting redirecting the $3 million raised from the club’s sale to Israel instead of the initially intended Ukraine. The private proposal faced disapproval amid concerns that it could be perceived as Abramovich’s attempt to avoid criticism in Russia, especially after the attacks on Israel by Hamas. The proposal garnered significant attention during meetings, with The Telegraph reporting a deliberate discussion on the matter. The funds, currently in several UK accounts of the Russian oligarch, were frozen following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in early 2022.

Abramovich initially pledged to donate the funds to “all Ukraine war victims” in March 2022. However, conflicting narratives emerged, with one side suggesting Abramovich’s personal desire to contribute to Israel, where he adopted citizenship in 2018. Another narrative claims Israel itself requested the funds, unbeknownst to Abramovich.

Despite a unilateral declaration between the UK and the European Union in May 2023 stipulating that the Chelsea fund would exclusively go to Ukraine, reported disapproval between the UK and Moscow has left the funds unused.

Abramovich’s Impact on Chelsea: From Acquisition to Controversy

The Roman Abramovich era at Chelsea began in 2003 when he acquired the club from Ken Bates. Bates had purchased the club for a mere dollar in 1982, including its outstanding debts. Abramovich took ownership for $233 million, sparking extensive discussions in England.

Under Abramovich’s ownership, Chelsea underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from Premier League minnows to clinching the Champions League twice and winning the Premier League title five times during his 18-year tenure.

Abramovich became known for his substantial spending in the transfer window, attracting top talents to Stamford Bridge. His reputation included making cold-blooded decisions, particularly evident in the frequent and quick succession of managerial changes during unfavorable on-field results.

After 18 years, Abramovich, with a heavy heart, parted ways with the club. His close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin expedited the sale, leading to American businessman Todd Boehly’s acquisition of the club. Controversies, however, continue to surround Abramovich, with the recent issue of donating the sale funds causing upheaval in UK politics. The unfolding situation poses the question of whether the UK will yield to Moscow’s pressure or if Israel will secure a tactical victory.

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