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Barcelona suffers setback as Gavi’s registration as first-team player overturned

Barcelona FC’s hopes of keeping Gavi as a first-team player have been dashed after the club’s registration of the young midfielder was overturned by the Mercantile Court of Barcelona.

The court lifted the precautionary measures that had allowed the club to register Gavi, citing a technicality that was overlooked by the club in filing the case a day after the grace period.

Gavi no longer first team player at Barcelona

Gavi, a promising talent, had signed a contract extension with Barcelona in September 2022, but due to the club’s economic shortcomings, they were unable to officiate the contract.

As a result, Gavi played with the number 30 shirt throughout the season. Barcelona had filed a court case in late January in order to register Gavi as part of the first team, despite not meeting the economic requirements.

Although Barcelona was able to register the player in late January, La Liga threatened to appeal against the registration, citing a violation of the Financial Fair Play regulations. The compliance issue was the main reason behind La Liga’s reluctance to approve Gavi’s registration as a first-team player.

The court’s decision and Repercussions

The Mercantile Court of Barcelona has now lifted the precautionary measures that had allowed the club to register Gavi, citing a violation of the grace period. Barcelona had filed the case a day later, which gave the court enough ground to annul the registration of Gavi.

The ruling means that Gavi will go back to being part of the reserve squad and not the senior squad. He will be able to continue playing for Barcelona’s first team, as the youngster has a reserve team contract and a La Liga Visa. However, the player will have to relinquish his number six kit and go back to number 30 once again.

Barcelona’s options

Barcelona can appeal against the decision, but it is unlikely that it will be overturned anytime soon. In fact, the club could be in deep trouble as they now have to justify and audit Gavi’s salary not only for the ongoing year but also for the next two years, in line with a new law that was introduced in November 2022.

The setback comes as a blow to Barcelona’s plans to develop its young talent and groom them for the future. The decision is also a reminder that financial prudence is key to complying with La Liga regulations, especially in light of the new law that was introduced in November 2022. As Barcelona faces the prospect of having to audit Gavi’s salary for the next three years, it is evident that the club must work harder to remain financially compliant.

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