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Antoine Griezmann: Atletico Madrid stalwart opens up about contract talks; speaks about possible MLS options

Atletico Madrid superstar Antoine Griezmann has got candid about his possible next destinations at the end of his contract at Europe, as his current club deal ends in 2026. He has confirmed about his next plans after the running deal, as he jokingly spoke about asking for a contract extension when this ends.

Antoine Griezmann- a stalwart in Rojiblancos colors

Antoine Griezmann has been one of the superstars among the ranks of Atletico Madrid. The former Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona player, who had swooned over every field he has taken be it in Anoeta or in Camp Nou, Griezmann has been one of the players who would often be sought after during his humongous reign at the top. One of the notable names among the French attacking sector, who has wreaked havoc in the elite stage, with his names etched in history books among few top scorers in the list along with stars like Mbappe and Giroud, Griezmann has been a legend with Los Colchoneros, and he would indeed be leaving a legacy behind when his contract ends at Metropolitano.

Having previously played for FC Barcelona, forming a classic troika of Messi-Suarez-Griezmann, the French forward joined his old club Atletico with dreams of making the team potent enough for a challenging title race. This season, Griezmann has indeed taken everyone by storm as he looks to increase to his tally of goals, as he is well slated to etch his name among the record books for running for the Pichichi trophy, as he has already extended his figures to 10 goals in the domestic circuit.

Griezmann to MLS?

Griezmann has his current contract till 2026, three years from now, and he would be 35 by the time his contract ends. A possible extension might be on the cards from the club, but he has jokingly mentioned about a possible contract signing when asked about further stint. He was heard saying to Diario AS, “Yes, that’s what I said. I know that the club is in favor of being able to make an effort and we will talk about it. Beyond Europe, what I would like later is the MLS, I have always recognized that. But Atletico will be almost one hundred percent my last club in Europe. It’s where I want to be, where I see myself happiest and here I am at home.”

He has further admitted about being happy at the Spanish capital, as he added, “Yes. I was also happy in the first stage here at Atleti. I think I’m happy now, but on top of that I really realize that I’m happy. Then you enjoy it more and have more fun, because in the first stage I didn’t realize how happy I was.”

He has mentioned about his spell at FC Barcelona, which further strengthened his affection for Rojiblancos, as he spoke about his happy days at the Spanish capital, “Yes, it’s true. When you leave you realize it more. You are happy here, but you don’t realize it and you live your day to day life. When you leave and go through a bad stage you realize what it was, what happened and you try to return to that affection, that level and now I wake up every morning and enjoy everything: going to the Hill to train, wearing this badge, being with my teammates, being with this coach… and my family are also very happy here.”

According to latest reports, Griezmann has earned a well-deserved raise after taking two salary cuts, as Colchoneros would be eager to extend his stay further owing to the legacy he has earned himself, as his departure might create a void at the club.


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