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Zinchenko moved to tears by crowd’s applause at Goodison park; City defeats Everton 1-0

Over the years, football has turned into more than a sport. It has stood against everything wrong that is happening around the world.

An example of the same was displayed on Saturday as the fans in Goodison park showed tremendous support for the Ukrainian players on the field.

The event took place in the buildup to the game between Everton and Manchester City. While the players were preparing for the match, the crowd chanted slogans and waved banners supporting Ukraine.

This moved Manchester City’s full-back Oleksandr Zinchenko to tears. He couldn’t hold back his emotions upon witnessing hundreds, if not thousands of fans supporting him and his country.

Later Zinchenco and his counterpart Vtaly Mykolenko, another Ukrainian, put aside their rivalry on the field to come together. The Ukrainian nationals came together to express their rejection of the invasion.

Ever since the war broke out on the eastern front, Zinchenko has been very vocal about it. The defender shared an Instagram message on Thursday in which he wrote, “The whole civilized world is worried about the situation in my country. I can’t stay back and strive to put my point across.”

The world has been stunned by the mindless invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Everywhere around the globe, players and other public figures have condemned the move by Russia.

Zinchenko and Manchester City return to winning ways

Coming to the match, it was not a dull affair for the spectators at all. Both Manchester City and Everton went at each other’s throats, looking to get away with a victory.

In the end, City was able to walk away with all 3 points. They will be happy with these points as it puts the gap between them and Liverpool back to 6.

There was a small moment in the game when it felt like we were in for another draw. However, Foden’s strike in the 82nd minute ensured a victory for City.

The title race has reignited as City dropped 3 points last week, while Liverpool acquired all 6 points that were on grab over the week.

Now there is just a 6-point difference between the two teams. Since Liverpool has played one less game than Manchester City, there are high chances that they can reduce the difference to just 3 points.

With that being said, the title race will definitely be decided in the fixture between the two giants. It will take place in a month on April the 10th.

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