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‘You win some, you lose some, this game can be cruel and unfair,’ PCB chairman Ramiz Raja says of Pakistan’s heartbreaking loss to India

Ramiz Raja, chairman of the PCB, clearly enjoyed the drama at the Gabba and hailed the team.

Former World cup winning player and the current chairman of the Pakistani cricket board appreciated the squad and the game on Twitter as he claims cricket can be cruel at times.

“A classic! You win some you lose some and as we all know this game can be cruel and unfair. #TeamPakistan couldn’t have given more with bat and ball. Very proud of the effort!” Ramiz Raja wrote in his tweet.

After posing a target of 160, they were struck by Kohli storm at the G, bringing the entire world to its feet. The entire cricketing fraternity celebrated the classic on Twitter. Virat now has a 305 average against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Virat Kohli against Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup events.

2012- 78 (61)* & 1/21.

2014- 36 (32)*

2016- 55 (37)*

2021- 57 (49)

2022- 82 (53)*

“You win some, you lose some.”

It’s perplexing that the ‘win some’ involves only a solitary victory in the 2021 T20 World Cup. Pakistan battled valiantly till the latter end, but they just had no answers. He praised Babar Azam and urged his squad to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Hopefull, Pakistan will be able to bounce back from this set back, as they have four more fixtures to go in the Super 12 stage.


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