What is Netflix’s Documentary Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket; Know release dates

The Netflix has announced it’s new documentary on cricket titled as “Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket.” And the fans cannot keep calm about the same as they are eagerly waiting to know the release date of the series.

According to various reports, Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket is going to be a movie-based documentary that will feature some of the most infamous scandals in Indian cricket.

What is Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket about?

Cricket is the biggest thing in India, second perhaps only to Bollywood. And if you have seen the trailer of the movie then you already have an idea of what it means to Indians.

As the voiceover on the movie’s trailer suggests, every Indian wants to be a cricketer and represent their nation. The players who are already out there representing their nations are worshiped as pois deities.

But what happens when the holy sport of cricket gets corrupted?

That is exactly what Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket will try to uncover. In 1990s the game of cricket was maligned by several reports of match fixing and spot fixing. And it involved some of the biggest names of the game.

“Sport is meant to be unscripted. If it is scripted, it takes away everything that sport stands for,” a commentator says in the trailer. The trailer then teases a journalist, who says when he started sports reporting, he never imagined he would be “breaking the lid of anything”.

The movie is set to feature the stories of some of the biggest scams of the game. And includes the behind the scene footage and story of some of the biggest players like Herschelle Gibbs and former Indian Captain Azharuddin as well.

The official synopsis calls Caught Out is a “pulsating story that looks at the trajectory of cricket in India, brimming with unexpected twists and turns whilst exploring how the cricketing fraternity fought back from one of the biggest corruption scandals.”

Watch Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket Trailer

Background to Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket

The year 2000 saw some of the dirtiest scandals in cricketing history being brought to light. This all started with the infamous saga involving businessman Sanjev Chawla and Hansie Crojne.

An interpreted call between the two brought it to notice of everyone that the game of cricket can also be rigged. This brought forth a new image of the sport that everyone was unaware about. And hence caused in the reality of fabric forever.

As several players testified against Crojne, he was barred from playing cricket. As of Chawla, he managed to fled from India, only to be later brought back India.

Cricket has not been the same since then. And Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket sheds light on some similar incidents that have altered the sport forever.

Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket release dates:

The Netflix’s Caught Out: Crime, Corruption Cricket – a cricket documentary will be released on the OTT (Over The Top) service in all countries.

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