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Watch: Virender Sehwag shares PM Modi’s “Rona Band Kijiye” video to troll Pakistan after defeat against India in T20 World Cup

Virender Sehwag is known for his explosive batting from his time as the opener of Indian cricket team. However, nowadays the opening batter has taken up a new job.

Sehwag has now become a famous cricketing pundit. But he has a slightly different way of presenting his views on the game. Instead of using words, the ex-opener uses memes to make the world know about his thoughts.

Watch: Virendra Sehwag shares Pm Modi Video to troll Pakistan

And he did the very same thing after India register their sixth victory over Pakistan in T20 World Cup.

Virender Sehwag, this time used a video of PM Narendra Modi having a conversation over call, in which he can be heard saying, “aap rona band kijiye.” (Please stop crying!!)

Sehwag captioned his post as a “Request to neighbours.” This was definitely a jab at Pakistan who must have been saddened after losing a game they should have won.

Beyond that, it can also be an indication to people and fans of Pakistan who called out the Umpires for giving a waist high fulltoss as noball. Eventually it was the turning point of the game.

Last Over drama in India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match

India required 16 runs off the final over and lost Hardik Pandya on the very first ball. The next two deliveries only produced three runs. Hence they were left with the task of scoring 13 off 3.

However, that is when Nawaz bowled a high full toss which Kohli dispatched for a six. It was called no ball after Virat Kohli’s protest. And the Pakistani team was not happy with it.

Although that moment changed the momentum in India’s favor the game was far from being won. India however still managed to secure a victory on the final ball.

Hence, the meme shared by Sehwag can be a jab at Pakistan fans crying over the Umpire’s decision.

India has had the best start to their T20 World Cup campaign. They will be looking to replicate this performance against Netherlands on 26th of October.


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