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Vitor Roque emerges as Barcelona’s only January transfer target

18-year-old Brazilian sensation Vitor Roque has emerged as Barcelona’s only target ahead of the January transfer window. Roque was signed this summer, but Athletico Paranaense delayed his arrival until 2024.

The Catalan giants have signed Roque for €30 million plus another €31 million in variables, with a long-term contract until the 2030/31 season.

Furthermore, it was difficult for the club to register the striker due to Financial Fair Play issues. So, they decided to register Roque in January.

According to Mundo Deportivo, even though Barcelona would like to sign a defensive midfielder, their greatest priority at this point is to register Vitor Roque with La Liga.

The main reason for his incorporation is Robert Lewandowski’s recent injury, which exposed the lack of natural No. 9s in the squad. The Polish striker will be back next month, but the club wish to have a backup striker for the remainder of the season.

Barcelona plan to register Vitor Roque in the January transfer window

So, now the club have made it their priority to register him and is working towards a plan to register him without any problems.

For Roque’s registration, Barcelona need some financial boost and are still awaiting €40 million payment from German fund Libero, while also looking at other avenues to bring in the revenue.

Last month, Roque suffered an injury while playing for Athletico Paranaense that has sidelined him for three months. As such, he will only be back in action towards the end of the year, and his next game will very likely be in a Barcelona kit.

New sporting director Deco is set to travel to Brazil during the upcoming international break to offer support to the 18-year-old and check on his recovery.


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