Villarreal stuns Bayern to qualify for UCL semis for first time in 16 years; game ended at aggregate score of 2-1

Once again, history has been created in the prolific football tournament called the Champions League. Villarreal, the champions of the Europa cup last year, has pipped Bayern Munich to clinch their first Semi-final place in 16 years.

Football has been known as the game where David often wins against the giant. This encounter was one of them for sure.

Bayern came into the tie as runaway favourites with all their goal-scoring prowess and star-studded lineup. But Villarreal handed them a bummer in the first leg of the tie.

The German giants couldn’t find an answer to the incredible determination shown by Unai Emery’s men.  The second tie was supposed to be the decider in which Villarreal came in with a one-goal lead.

Goalless first half

Bayern played this game on their home turf, where they had maintained a great run of form thus far. So, Bayern and neutral fans were expecting a comeback. At the same time, Villarreal fans were hoping for another miracle.

The game started in a very familiar manner as Bayern came hard at Villarreal. The attack dazed the Spanish side. Still, they somehow managed to keep their composure. As a result, the first half ended at level pegging.

The second half, however, had a different story to tell. After starting in the same fashion as the first, Lewandowski brought his team back into the tie by scoring the game’s opener.

Everyone expected the tide to turn in Bayern’s favour, as we have grown accustomed to over the year. Villarreal had other plans, though.

They stuck to their strength, which was being composed at the back. Although they did not have much of the ball, they ensured that Bayern couldn’t get into dangerous positions to get their shots away.

Simultaneously they were also looking for chances for a counterattack. And a chance finally befell them in the 87th minute, and they made no mistake.

A great through ball by Lo Celso found Gerrard Moreno’s strides to initiate the break. Moreno sprinted to the edge of the box before drilling in a low cross for Chukweze, who did splendid work to beat Manuel Neuer at his near post. In the 88th minute, Villarreal was leading the tie again.

Bayern tried to find their way back into the game, but you could tell that it would not happen.

The game ended at 1-1, and Villarreal made it through to the semifinals on the aggregate scoreline of 2-1.

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