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USA 1-1 Wales; Wales Scores After 64 Years in World Cup

The nail-biting match between USA and Wales ended in a draw of 1-1, providing both teams with points to move forward in Group B. We are warning you to not judge the match based on the stats you see in the ending scoreline because the match had been far from just a ‘draw.’

Wales and USA play their hearts out

The first half of the match was completely dominated by the USA team, and with their rough play, the Welshmen barely had any chances to take the shot.

The Americans maintained the ball possession throughout the first half, which made us wonder if the game would go completely one side, especially after the amazing goal netted by Timothy Weah in the 36th minute.

Weah completely pierced through the Welsh defence, beat the defenders, and, at last, the goalkeeper to score a very calm and calculated goal.

Heavy toll on the Welsh defence was seen because how did Weah get so much time with the ball?
A heavy and aggressive set of tackles was seen from the American side, resulting in a total of 4 yellow cards from the referee, especially in the second half of the game. Wherein Wales had a completely new strategy, which, indeed, was working. They had a better possession and better accuracy, which led them to take increased shots.

Bale scores equaliser for Wales

But that would not be enough because the American goalkeeper had deflected half of the shots coming from the Welshmen, be it headers, which gave Wales the best opportunity to turn the tables around or straight kicks.

In the end, the golden opportunity did arrive after a back-tackling foul was committed on Gareth Bale inside the penalty area, resulting in a crystal clear penalty awarded to the Welsh side. Gareth Bale converted this opportunity into a goal in the 82nd minute.

This could have led Wales to victory if not for the aggressive play of the Americans when Bale got another opportunity to take a shot after the goalkeeper made an error in running out of the keeping area.

Nevertheless, Wales has scored in a world cup after 64 years, Gareth Bale has made history, while the USA has had a strong comeback in FIFA after not making it in the tournament back in 2018.

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