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UEFA Champions League final delayed by 15 minutes; find out why

UEFA Champions League final delayed by 15 minutes
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The UEFA Champions League final’s kickoff has been delayed by 15-mins. It is understood that that the decision has been made due to some fans not being able to enter the stadium.

Champions League is one of the biggest footballing competitions. And its final is a global phenomenon. Being played in the French capital this year, it will see people from all around the world in attendance.

According to images distributed across the internet, the Liverpool fans have been suffering to get inside the ground. The poor management at the stadium has been reported as the reason behind the delay. Some images are even showing fans being kept at bay by the means of tear gas by security officials.

Since, UEFA cannot afford any fan to miss out on the action. Hence, they have decided to delay the kickoff itself. This is a very unprecedented scenario. Never before have we noticed an event like this take place in the history of this tournament.

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