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UCL: FC Barcelona out of Champions league race as Inter Milan defeats Viktoria Plezen 4-0

Despite all their big summer singing, FC Barcelona has failed to make it out of group stage of the UEFA Champions League for a second consecutive year.

Having lost to Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, the fate of making it through to the next round was out of Barcelona’s hand.

They required for Vikrotia to win against Inter Milan. But that didn’t happen at all.

Instead, Inter Milan registered a 4-0 victory over the Czech Republic side. Resulting in a ousting for Barcelona, even before they kicked off their encounter against Bayern Munich at Camp Nou.

Inter had a field day against Viktoria Plezen. Their plyers connected very well, and a brace for Edin Dzenko along with goals for Lukaku and Mkhitaryan saw them register a 4-0 win.

What does getting out of Champions League mean for Barcelona?

Now, getting out of the Champions League will have severe repercussions for Barca. Not only will they face reputations blows but some financial ones as well.

Everyone knows that Barcelona sold off several assets during the summer transfer market. This allowed them to register players like Jules Konde and Robert Lewandowski.

These were high ticket signings which means that they required to make it deep into the prestige European competition to make financial gains.

Barcelona can salvage financial loss by winning Europa league

However, according to Samuel Mardsen, a sport journalist, Barcelona can still make some profit if they make it to the latter sages of Europa League.

Teams like Manchester United and Arsenal are already present in that league. And the likes of Barcelona and Juventus are more likely to make things better.

Hence, if Barcelona wins the tournament they will be able to make up for their financial loss. Although this loss does mean that they will not be able to make huge signings for 2023 season.

But there are players that Barcelona can sell in the upcoming transfer market. This will allow them to free up some budget issues and make important signing next summer.

As things stand, Barcelona will have to regroup in the Europa league. And ensure that they  win it in order to restore European glory of past years.

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