Top 10 greatest Indian spinners of all time

India has many great spin bowlers in cricket who have gained fame globally. These players show different ways of playing and contribute a lot to India’s wins in important matches. Anil Kumble is known for spinning the ball exceptionally well, while Ravichandran Ashwin is known for his versatility.

The spin legacy of Indian cricket

India has a rich cricketing legacy, and one of its most defining features has been its spinners. From the early days of Bishen Singh Bedi and Erapalli Prasanna to the current era of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, Indian spinners have consistently tormented batsmen from all over the world.

One of the reasons for India’s success in spin bowling is the country’s varied climatic conditions. From the dry pitches of the north to the humid tracks of the south, Indian spinners have learned to adapt and thrive in all conditions.

Another reason for India’s spin prowess is the country’s deep pool of talent. There are always a number of talented young spinners coming through the ranks, and this competition helps to push the best players to improve their game.

Greatest Spinners in Indian Cricket

Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is known for combining top-spin and over-spin, claiming 619 Test wickets taking 35 five-wicket hauls. His batting skills included one century and five fifties, solidifying his status as an all-time great spinner and earning widespread respect in the cricketing world. Those fortunate enough to see him play can confirm his dedicated approach to each ball, leaving a lasting impression.

Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin, with 467 Test wickets and 31 five-wicket hauls, has been consistently troubling opponents. His five Test centuries and thirteen fifties showcase his versatility. Ashwin’s knack for delivering breakthroughs and contributing with the bat solidifies his position as a key asset for the Indian cricket team.

Ashwin is a versatile bowler who can bowl in a variety of conditions. He is also a capable batsman, and he has scored over 3000 runs in Test cricket. This makes him a valuable asset to the Indian team, as he can contribute with both bat and ball.

Here are some of Ashwin’s most notable achievements for the Indian cricket team:

  • He helped India to win the Test series in Australia in 2018-19, which was India’s first Test series win in Australia in over a decade.
  • He took 71 wickets in the inaugural World Test Championship, the most wickets taken by any bowler in the tournament.
  • He was named the ICC Men’s Test Player of the Year in 2021.
  • He is the only Indian bowler to take 300 Test wickets in home conditions.
  • He is the only Indian cricketer to score a century and take five wickets in the same Test match on three separate occasions.

Ashwin is a legend of the Indian cricket team, and his achievements are truly remarkable. He is one of the greatest bowlers of all time, and he has played a major role in India’s success in all formats of the game.

In addition to his individual achievements, Ashwin has also been a key part of some of the Indian team’s most memorable victories in recent years. For example, he played a pivotal role in India’s historic Test series win in Australia in 2018-19, and he was also named the ICC Men’s Test Player of the Year in 2021.

Ashwin’s legacy as one of the greatest Indian cricketers of all time is secure. He is a role model for young cricketers everywhere, and his achievements will continue to inspire future generations.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, who is renowned for his off-spin skills, has secured 417 Test wickets till now, including 25 five-wicket hauls. He also impressed in ODIs with notching 269 wickets and three five-wicket hauls. Singh’s ability to extract sharp turns and competitive spirit earned him a special place in Indian cricket history.

Harbhajan played a key role in India’s success in the early 2000s. He was instrumental in India’s victory in the 2001 Test series in Australia, and he also played a key role in India’s victory in the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy.

Harbhajan was also a member of the Indian team that won the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007. He was the leading wicket-taker for India in the tournament, with 13 wickets.

Harbhajan’s achievements for the Indian cricket team are numerous. He is one of the most successful spinners in the history of the game, and he has played a key role in India’s success in all formats of the game.

Here are some of Harbhajan’s most notable achievements for the Indian cricket team:

  • He was the leading wicket-taker for India in the 2001 Test series in Australia, which India won 2-1.
  • He was the leading wicket-taker for India in the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, which India won jointly with Sri Lanka.
  • He was the leading wicket-taker for India in the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007, which India won.
  • He was a member of the Indian team that won the 2011 ODI World Cup.
  • He is the third-highest wicket-taker for India in Test cricket, with 417 wickets.
  • He is the seventh-highest wicket-taker for India in ODIs, with 269 wickets.
  • He is the first Indian off-spinner to take 400 wickets in Test cricket.

Subhash Gupte

Subhash Gupte, who is a skilled leg-spinner, has claimed 149 Test wickets, including 12 five-wicket hauls, during his brief 36-Test career. His mastery of leg spin made him a revered figure among cricket enthusiasts despite the brevity of his playing career. He was the first Indian ever to take all 10 wickets in one game of cricket. He and Vinoo Mankad were the first great pair of spin bowlers to work together. Before Kapil Dev did better in 1983, his best score of 9-102 against the West Indies was the best for any Indian spinner for a long time.

Bishan Singh Bedi

Bishan Singh Bedi, who has been widely recognized for his slow left-arm orthodox style, has secured 266 Test wickets, including 14 five-wicket hauls. Bedi’s knack for deceiving batsmen with flight deliveries solidified his reputation as one of the shrewdest spinners of his era.

Erapalli Prasanna

Erapalli Prasanna, who is a member of the Indian spin quartet, secured 189 Test wickets till now, including 10 five-wicket hauls. His match-winning performances and proficiency in spinning the ball established him as one of India’s premier spinners of all time. He was really good at bowling tricky deliveries, especially the arm ball. He quickly got 100 wickets in only 20 matches, which was quite fast for a spinner in India. People standing near the wicket said they could hear the ball making a faint whistling sound as he ran up to bowl. 

Bhagwat Chandrasekhar

Bhagwat Chandrasekhar was a re­markable cricketer, re­nowned for his mastery in Test matche­s. Throughout his career, he took an impre­ssive 242 wickets, with a staggering 16 instances of achieving five wickets in a single­ innings. His deceptive bowling variations and formidable­ deliveries consistently left batsmen bewilde­red. Notably, he exhibited exceptional skill on pitches outside India, showcasing his adaptability to diverse playing conditions. 

What makes Chandrase­khar’s journey even more inspiring is his triumph over adversity. Despite grappling with childhood polio, which limited the use of one of his hands, he perseve­red and excelle­d as a spinner. His unwavering dete­rmination earned him recognition not only in India but also on the global stage.

Srinivas Venkataraghavan

Before becoming a respected umpire, Srinivas Venkataraghavan was a famous spinner for India. Back then, India used to have many spinners in their team. Venkat, as people called him, was great at bowling accurately. Batsmen found it hard to score runs off him and got annoyed. He played alongside famous players like Bedi, Chandrasekhar, and Prasanna.

Srinivas Venkataraghavan, with 156 Test wickets and deceptive variations, deceived batsmen with flighted deliveries. His contributions as a lower-order batsman added depth to the team’s lineup, earning him a respected place in the annals of Indian cricket history.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is known for his abilities both in batting and bowling. He has been a valuable asset for the Chennai Super Kings in different seasons of the IPL and has also performed well in one-day matches. Despite his strong left-arm spin, his contributions in this aspect are sometimes not fully recognized. Although he has participated in 57 test matches until February 2022, he is frequently sidelined in favour of R Ashwin.

Jadeja’s bowling style is left-arm orthodox, yet he can swiftly deliver the ball in the air. After his initial 57 tests, he had taken 232 wickets, in addition to claiming 234 victims from 223 limited-overs internationals.

Here are some of Jadeja’s key achievements for the Indian cricket team:

  • He is the fastest Indian bowler to reach 150 Test wickets, achieving the feat in just 32 matches.
  • He is the only Indian player to score three triple centuries in first-class cricket.
  • He is one of only three Indians to score 2000 runs and take 150 wickets in ODIs.
  • He is also one of only five Indians to score 2000 runs and take 200 wickets in Tests.
  • He was the leading wicket-taker in India’s triumphant 2013 Champions Trophy campaign.

Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal, who is known for his adept leg-spin skills, has impressed with 121 wickets in 72 ODIs and 91 wickets in 75 T20Is. His skilful execution of the leg-spin and knack for crucial breakthroughs cemented his status as a key spinner in contemporary Indian cricket. Having many competitors, many people are considering Yuzvendra Chahal as the best Indian leg spinner currently. Playing mainly in limited-overs cricket, he is showing potential across all formats.


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