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“Too much to digest”- Steve Waugh on Cricket Overdose for Australian fans

Steve Waugh, arguably one of the best to have taken the field, recently quoted his dissatisfaction on the cramped schedule of the Australia Men’s Cricket Team.

During a media interaction with SEN’S Saturday Morning Mowers Clubshow, the all-rounder of the yesteryears has blamed the tight schedule for the team to be one of the reasons’ for poor spectator turnout on the grounds.

Steve Waugh makes strong comment on Australian cricket

Incidentally, the 3 match ODI series between AUS and ENG, within 3 days of the ICC T20I World Cup Finals, drew a lot of ire for Cricket Australia with respect to the significance of the series. Even though Australia routed the English team 3-0 , the turnout for all these matches were abysmally low.

Taking on the Australian Cricket Board in the above context, the former World Cup winning captain put forward his views for the low turnout of the spectators, saying that too much of Cricket has been the reason as fans find it very difficult to follow the game .

Not only the ODI series, but also in the T20 World Cup, the average attendance on the ground for 5 of the matches was less than 38,000, a figure well below par.

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