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‘To hell with the spirit of the game,’ says Hardik Pandya on Mankading debate

One of the most contentious disputes in recent times has been on the legalization of running out a batter at the non-end, striker’s and allrounder Hardik Pandya has weighed in.

In a recent podcast, Hardik jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that he’s all in for the formerly named ‘Mankad run-out’ and wouldn’t mind losing his wicket in this manner.

Following the recent reawakening of the debate when Deepti Sharma ran out a batter to win a game against England, some of the current crops of players flocked to Twitter to allege it was unethical and uncalled for.

R Ashwin lauded and defended her, but the bulk of the English players were not pleased with what she did. It was recently made permissible for bowlers to run a batter out while on delivery stride if they were backing up too far.
Netizens and former players felt it was against the spirit of cricket, but Hardik had a difference of opinion.

Hardik is indifferent about non-striker run-outs.

Hardik says it has no negative impact on the spirit of the game. He appears unconcerned about the recent rule change.

“We need to stop making a fuss about this. It’s a rule – [as] simple as that,” Hardik said. “To hell with the spirit of the game. If it’s there, [then] remove the rule – as simple as that. The ones who have a problem, good for them; it’s fine.

“Personally, I have no problem. If I am walking out [of the crease], and someone runs me out – fair enough. It’s my mistake, not the bowler’s. He is taking the rules to his advantage – [as] simple as that. That’ll not make a big deal.”

The five-time IPL champion has his own opinions and isn’t afraid to express them.

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