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Tite resigns as coach of Brazil national team after quarter final loss

Tite has confirmed that he will step down as Brazil coach after six years in charge. He confirmed this after his nation suffered a shock defeat against Croatia in the quarter finals of the FIFA World Cup. Tite said, “The cycle has ended, and I keep to my word,” he said. “There are other great professionals that can replace me. I understand that I am the most responsible, but we are all responsible for the loss. It’s not about being a hero or a villain.

There is no such thing in sports. Sometimes we have a great performance, we shoot at goal, and the ball deviates. That’s normal. But I can respect the result.” He also said that time will decide whether his run as the coach of Brazil was a success or not.

Tite was Brazil’s incharge since 2016. Under him, the Seleçãos lost the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup against the golden generation Belgium but they made a comeback as they won the Copa America in 2019 before losing it last year to Argentina.

He reinvented Brazil’s style of play which took them to the top of the world rankings. But he a man of his word as he had said in February that he would step down as the manager after this year’s tournament. All in all, now that his run as the coach of Brazil has ended, the footballing federation needs to focus on the future as they have a huge talent of players who can still achieve something in the future years.

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