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Tickets for the India vs Pakistan match sold-out within minutes

How many times have we seen this happen? That tickets are put out for a match and get sold within minutes? Not often, right?

Well, it has happened for a second time in quick succession for the classic match of India vs Pakistan. It happened last year as well when the two teams were to face each other in the opening fixture of the T20 World Cup 2021.

The match was played in Dubai, and people from both the countries and the people already residing in the UAE booked the tickets for the prestigious game in almost no time.

The same story was repeated in 2022, only a few months later. On Monday, February 7th, ICC rolled out tickets for the priced match between India and Pakistan, and guess what? It got sold out within five minutes.

History of India vs Pakistan fixture

Keep in mind that the World Cup is to be played in Australia. Still, the fanatic fans of both the teams have grabbed the tickets at the earliest. The soldout tag for the match shows the intense rivalry shared by the two teams.

However, it also makes one question, why is it the case?

The answer to this lies in the fact that India and Pakistan have not played a bilateral series in almost over a decade. The political ties between the two countries have been at an all-time low for quite a while. And in the wake of the same, India has abstained from playing against Pakistan in a bilateral series.

Despite several callouts for boycott, the teams cannot abstain from meeting at ICC events. Therefore, these events have been a carnival for the cricket fans of both countries.

If one adds to this rivalry the records that the two teams share, you already know you are in for a belter of a match.

Until the 2021 World Cup match, India led the tally 5-0. Pakistan came back strong and defeated India by a margin of 10 wickets. This was the biggest margin of defeat for India in the T20s, and now a year later, India will be looking to take revenge of the fallen.

No matter which team emerges victorious, cricket will certainly be the real winner.

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