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The evolution of Ousmane Dembele; highest assist provider in europe

FC Barcelona have had a rollercoaster of a season cause although they are second in the La Liga table with just 3 points behind their rch rivals Real Madrid, the catalan team has been dreadful in the Champions League. In their last match against Bayern Munich, they got knockout of the UCL and Xavi’s players will now play in the Europa League.

However, apart from the team’s performance, some players have been playing outstandingly well. And among those players is Ousmane Dembele who has had a turnaround in his Barca career after a disappointing first year’s cause of injuries.

This season he is one of the best Barca players in attack and has been irreplaceable. He can play on both the flanks which is simply sensational and Xavi adores that quality. He may not be a goal scorer but he sets up goals quickly.

This year he has contributed an astronomical amount of 18 assists only behind the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and the legend himself Lionel Messi. If he continues to play like this, it cannot be ruled out that he may win the World Cup with France and possibly a treble with Barca. All in all, he is a player to watch out for.

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