T20 World Cup 2022: Minimum of 10 overs per innings to be played in semi-finals finals for results, says ICC

Brace yourselves, ICT fans: there is no such medium of boundary count in Australia.

Reserve days are available for the final matches in the event of a rainout.

The International Cricket Council has implemented a new regulation for the semi-finals and finals of the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, stating that a minimum of 10 overs in both innings must be completed in order for the game to have a result.

ICC implements new rules for knockout stages in T20 World Cup 2022

According to the new rule, if weather interferes with the fixtures and the game is shortened to fewer than 10-overs-a-side, there will be no result. The weather in Australia has not been kind to the teams this season, but there will be a reserve day in case of knock-out stage matches.

Teams from both groups have been competing hard to get to the finals, and as of right now, only one team has secured a position. The previous year’s finalists, New Zealand, confirmed their semi-final position at the major tournament after winning three of their five games. The blackcaps’ triumph over Ireland earlier today, followed by Australia’s ‘non-thumping victory’ against Afghanistan, did the trick.

The calculators are going for a toss.

To beat the ‘poms’ and advance to the playoffs, the defending champs may have to borrow some favor from their Asian counterparts. They could have had one leg into the berth if they had defeated Afghanistan by a more significant margin, but they are now on the waiting list.

Sri Lanka is officially out of the T20 World Cup, and they’ll be playing for pride and a certain rivalry. with a point to prove against England, who have proven to be their toughest nemesis, having lost SEVEN of their last seven meetings against them. England’s fate is in their own hands, as a win, regardless of the magnitude, would be sufficient to qualify them.

Group TWO.

This World T20 World Cup is overdue for a major upset. With no team securing qualification and each team still having a game to play, Pakistan, South Africa, and India cannot afford to lose.

South Africa and India.

To qualify, the two heavyweights must win their remaining matches.


Their hopes are riding on the Netherlands defeating South Africa. Pakistan would advance if the Netherlands defeated South Africa and they beat Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are virtually out of the tournament.

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