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T20 WC: ICC to allow player to participate despite testing positive for COVID-19

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a huge announcement ahead of the start of the T20 World Cup in Australia.

According to a statement being circulated on the internet, the ICC is willing to allow a player to participate despite them testing positive for COVID-19.

Yes, this decision has taken the world by storm. But there is a catch in it as well. For the plyer to participate in the game, the team’s doctor will have to asses them physically. Hence, no player can partake in a match after testing positive, if the team’s doctor deems them unfit to play.

Pat Cummins react to ICC’s decision

Australia’s Test Skipper and ace bowler Pat Cummins welcomed this decision by ICC. In a conversation with, he mentioned how it can change the dynamic of a team.

“It’s a totally different dynamic. The team went out for dinner last night and we actually were chatting about it, this is the first time we’ve done this for about three years,” Cummins said. It’s great fun. It’s one of the main things we all love about playing for your country – you get to go and see new places and experience different things.”

For those who are not really in the loop of cricket recently should know that this is nothing new.

Curious case of Tahlia McGrath

Something similar has already taken place in the sport, albeit not in the Men’s game.

The incident took place in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. That too in the gold medal game of the tournament.

Tahlia McGrath, Australia’s women player, tested positive ahead of the game against India in the final. But she was allowed to take field in the game. She was forced to wear a mask during the match, and isolate herself while sitting in the Pavillion.

Australia went on to clinch he gold medal by defeating India in that game.

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