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Suryakumar Yadav surpasses Mohammad Rizwan as the top run-scorer in T20Is in 2022

The cat-and-mouse game between Rizwan and Suryakumar continues as he exceeds Rizwan’s tally following his heroics against the Netherlands.

Rizwan and SKY, the two most prolific players this calendar year, are once again competing for the most runs scored, with Surya having one over Rizwan.

When compared to Yadav, the number one rated player has played more deliveries. Rizwan had more runs than SKY going into this World Cup, but he had allegedly played 216 deliveries more than him. That is 36 overs.

Suryakumar Yadav is the leading run scorer in T20Is in 2022

On Thursday, India faced the Netherlands at the SCG, where Suryakumar hit a game-changing 25-ball 51 to help India reach 179. His innings was topped with a last-ball six over square leg, putting him ahead of his counterpart in terms of runs scored in a calendar year.der year.

Rizwan has scored over 800 runs in 2022 in just 19 innings. Rizwan has scored 825 runs in 19 innings, with an average of 51.56 and a strike rate of 124.62.

Faced balls: Suryakumar, on the other extreme, has played 25 innings in 2022, scoring 867 runs at a 41.28 average and a strike rate of 184.86. He’s handled 469 balls. This covers one century and seven fifties.

Suryakumar is currently on 867 runs in 25 innings whereas Rizwan is on 825 in 19 innings.

Is it fair to draw comparisons?

No, absolutely not! You wouldn’t compare an air pilot to a doctor, would you? There are two different types of players with different styles and different roles. As for Suryakumar, he dictates the pace he plays with utmost freedom, and his game is about scoring quick runs unorthodoxly whereas Rizwan is the team’s backbone.

Besides Babar and Rizwan, there isn’t much batting ahead, so he has taken on the role to ensure he remains until the end. In no way is a comparison fair.

However, if you want to rattle off some YouTube legends, then go ahead and compare. The world would be a better place if Shoiab Akthar went into meltdown mode.

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