“She is worthy”: Chris Hemsworth praises Mirabai Chanu for her achievements in CWG 2022

"She is worthy": Chris Hamsworth praises Mirabai Chanu for her achievements

Mirabai Chanu has already become a renowned name in the field of weightlifting. She won the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics and later went on to smash several records while defending her Gold medal in the 2022 CWG.

This has brought her immense recognition from all around the world. And an example of the same came in the form of applaud from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor.

Chris Hemsworth praises Mirabai Chanu

On Friday, the actor, Chris Harmsworth, who plays the character of Thor for MCU, congratulated Mirabai in the most typically Thor fashion. While reacting to a tweet by one of his fans, the actor wrote, “She is worthy! Congrats, Saikhom, you legend.”

Being worthy is a typical Marvel Cinematic Universe thing for Thor, the god of thunder. According to popular culture, Thor carries a hammer with him that can be lifted by only those people who are worthy (deemed suitable).

Hence, when a fan praised Mirabai for her worthiness of Thor’s hammer, the actor couldn’t hold back. And replied to the tweet claiming that Chanu definitely is worthy.

In truth, Chanu deserves all of these credits. She had a great outing in Birmingham, where she broke national and CWG records. She lifted 88kgs in her snatch attempt and 113 in Clean and jerk to win the gold medal.

With a total of 201 kgs, she successfully defended the Gold medal that she won in 2018.

Chanu has been amid medals for almost eight years now. Since 2014 she has won three awards in Commonwealth Games (1 silver and 2 gold). Then she also managed a gold in the 2017 World Championships. And finally, a silver in the Tokyo Olympics.

Her fans and billions of Indians can’t wait to see her compete in the next Olympics. She will bear the expectation of billions of fans to better her Silver medal. She is the only Indian woman weightlifter to win a silver at the Olympics. The previous best came in 2000 by Karnam Malleswari, who won bronze.

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