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Sanju Samson fans show their solidarity during FIFA World Cup match in Qatar

Football and cricket had long been good friends in spite of the fundamental differences in the way the games are played. We have seen unwavering support from footballers for the “Gentleman ‘s Game” , at the same time cricketers who were more interested in football even before they considered cricket as their career option and became the ambassadors of the sport worldwide. However, support for cricketers during a football match, that in a World Cup match is a rare occurrence.

Sanju Samson, considered by many as one who have been getting the short end of the stick as he has been left out of the playing XI repeatedly, in spite of consistent performance , has been getting the much deserved support of his fans even during FIFA World Cup matches currently being played in Qatar.

Sanju Samson fans show their support at FIFA World Cup 2022

His supporters were up with posters and banners as he was left out of the final playing XI during the 2nd ODI at Seddon Park, Hamilton inspite of a gritty 36 of 38 balls in the 1st ODI. Although, it’s not only about the runs being scored but the context in and the situation in which they are scored that evaluates the quality of the innings.

The partnership with Shreyas Iyer came at a time when India lost 2 wickets in quick succession and needed a partnership to hold the innings together. The duo went on to score a 96 run partnership which was a major contributing factor that allowed Team India to set a target of 307 for NZ.

However, as luck would have it, he wasn’t a part of the playing XI in the very next match. Team India’s fascination with the inclusion of all-rounders in the squad and their inability to actually get one onboard who can have a overwhelming impact on the game both with the bat and the ball has affected their performance both in the T20I World Cup and also the present ODI series in NZ.

But fans of Sanju Samson probably gave him the much needed confidence booster. An image that went viral, supporters of this wicketkeeper – batsman were seen documenting their trust on the cricketer with posters and banners during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. It read ” Lots of love from Qatar. We are with you # Sanju Samson” to attract the much deserved attention for the cricketer.

With the Indian team struggling to get their combination right as they prepare for the ICC ODI World Cup, which is due in another 11 months it’s high time the think-tank gives him his due . Keeping in mind, Rishav Pant’s scratchy performance with the bat and Dinesh Karthik being at the fag end of his international career, it’s time to open the doors for this guy especially when the team is struggling for success.

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