Royal Challengers Bangalore: Most Runs Scorers, Most Wickets Taker, and Catches for RCB in IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most fan-favourite IPL franchises. They have been a part of the tournament since its inception, quite literally. They were one of the teams to feature in the first game of IPL 2008. And since then, they have lived in the heart of their fans.

Although they have not won a title yet, they have managed to make it to the playoffs and finals, which keeps fans hoping that their franchise will win the title someday. Hence, the fan following continues.

But one team doesn’t have a great run in the IPL without great players. Hence, in this article, we will look at the most runs scorer for Royal Challengers Bangalore, along with the most wickets and catch takers.

Most Runs for RCB in IPL

V Kohli23822935704811336.325411130.2554610623232
AB de Villiers157145354522133*41.102856158.332378363240
CH Gayle9190113420175*43.292215154.405215263263
JH Kallis46468127189*33.441123113.17011413924
R Dravid52455113275*28.30946119.6605412120
D Padikkal29291884101*31.57707125.031629522
GJ Maxwell282748147835.39534152.430727936
TM Dilshan3029373376*28.19647113.290639911
LRPL Taylor3130773381*31.86493148.680415743
PA Patel323237316725.20562130.070419815
RV Uthappa4036570668*22.77506139.520525936
Mandeep Singh4032559754*22.11463128.940245421
SS Tiwary4636105785222.23542106.640113023
MK Pandey24235569114*31.61475119.781126214

Most wickets for RCB in IPL

YS Chahal113112404.0430631394/2522.037.5817.420
HV Patel6664223.421840855/2721.648.2215.721
R Vinay Kumar7069238.401982804/4024.778.3017.910
A Kumble5151195.411303535/524.586.6522.121
S Aravind4444149.401288514/1425.258.6017.620
Z Khan4443167.021312494/1726.777.8520.410
Mohammed Siraj5959199.241739493/835.488.7224.400

Most Runs for RCB in IPL Overview

1.     Virat Kohli 7048 runs

Virat Kohli is the most run scorer for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL. He has been a part of the since the inception of the tournament. And has served several roles, including the one of captain for his side.

In his 15-year-long journey with Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli has played 238 games and scored 7048 runs in them, at an average of 36 and strike rate of 130. Furthermore, he also has 8 century and 46 fifties to his name.

Virat Kohli joined the fresh roster of RCB in 2008, straight after his U19 World Cup win. He was mentored by some of the finest in the game and played alongside some of the best in the business.

Hence Virat Kohli is a valuable asset for RCB. Although he stepped down from the position of captain last year, he still remains to be a key figure in the side. And is most likely to end his career as the top run scorer for RCB in IPL.

2.     AB de Villiers 4522 runs

Another legend of the Royal Challenger’s Bangalore team is AB d Villers. And it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that he has scored the second most runs for RCB in IPL.

De Villiers has represented the team in 10 seasons and played a total of 157 games in which he scored around 4522 runs at a tremendous average of 41 and strike rate of 158. De Villiers also has 2 centuries and 37 fifties for RCB in IPL.

Unlike Virat Kohli, who was a part of the franchise since 2008, AB de Villiers joined it in 2011 from Delhi Capitals (then known as Delhi Daredevils). He was a great addition to the side, with a variety of

options he brought with him. He played as a top-order batter and wicket-keeper batter; along with that, he also, from time to time, rolled over his arms to ball a few overs as well. De Villers was a key player for the RCB side and will always remain one of the top scorers for RCB in IPL.

3.     Chris Gayle 3420 runs

The classic saying “reputation exceeds the name” is perfectly applicable to Christopher Henry Gale. He is known for his frivolous batting; hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is one of the highest runs scorers for RCB in IPL.

Gayle represented the team for 7 seasons, during which he caused carnage and shattered several records. In this time, he played 91 games and scored 3420 runs in them, that too at an average of 43 and strike rate of 154.

Gayle has now almost retired from the IPL. He is a legend of the tournament, having played for several different franchises like KKR and PBKS. Currently, he is on a sabbatical from IPL, having withdrawn his name from the auction.

Whether he returns to the tournament or not remains to be seen. But Chris Gayle will always be remembered as a legend in RCB’s contingent and one of the top run scorers for RCB in IPL.

Most wickets for RCB in IPL Overview

1.    Yzvendra Chahal 139 wickets

Yuzvendra Chahal has the most wickets for RCB in IPL. The right arm wrist Spinner has a total of 139 wickets to his name from 113 matches And no one comes even close to breaking this record for RCB in the coming seasons.

Chahal was the go-to bowler for RCB captains during his time for the team. he was a maestro in breaking partnerships and picking wickets in the middle overs. Ensuring that no set batter was left in the middle for the death overs.

Bowling the hard overs in the Powerplay was also one of the skills that Chahal showcased for RCB in IPL. Still, he has maintained an economy of 7.5 which is commendable given the hard overs he bowled.

Chahal might have left the club and moved on to other endeavours, but he is the highest wicket-taker for RCB in IPL and will always be remembered as one of the best by the Royal Challengers Bangalore fans.

2.    Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel is the new phenomenon that has taken over the Royal Challengers Bangalore by surprise. In the past few editions of the tournament, he has emerged as the most wicket-taker for the team.

Harshal Patel has made death bowling his own forte. Introduced for the most challenging overs in the match, he has made it a knack to deliver the best performance. As a result, he has become the second-highest wicket-taker for RCB in IPL.

Patel has represented the team in various different seasons, which include his stint at Delhi Capitals. Currently, he is with RCB, and in 66 games that he has represented the team, he has managed to pick 85 wickets at an average of 21.

Harshal Patel is still very young and has several years under his belt. Hence RCB will be hoping for him to continue representing them. And if he does that, he has all the time in the world to break Chahal’s record and become the most wicket taker for RCB.

3.    Vinay Kumar 80 wickets

One of the veterans of the game, Vinay Kumar, has the third mostwickets for RCB in IPL. He played for the team for six seasons and represented them in 70 games in which he picked up a total of 80 wickets.

Later he moved on to other franchises, but his charisma was worn out. He couldn’t replicate his performances for those teams and later took retirement. Yet he remains one of the most critical players in RCB’s history.

Most Catches for RCB In IPL

V Kohli2008-202223823610320.436
AB de Villiers2011-20211571047030.673
YS Chahal2014-20211131122420.214
R Vinay Kumar2008-201370692220.318
Mohammed Siraj2018-202259592120.355
Mandeep Singh2015-201840391820.461
CH Gayle2011-201791891820.202
HV Patel2012-202266641720.265


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