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Roman Abramovich to sell Chelsea F.C. for £3bn

Roman Abramovich has finally answered the rumors with an approving nod. According to a report by Sky Sports, Chelsea Football Club is up for sale.

After a week-long delegation regarding the sale of the football club, we finally have an answer.

Yes, Chelsea Football Club is up for sale and it’s once again the blasted war that has caused it.

Sky Sports reports that the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s advisers have “issued a letter to prospective bidders on Wednesday, with a deadline set for indicative bids in mid-march.”

This move has come to light after sources claim that Russian might face sanctions from the British government. Around the world, several Russian assets have been sanctioned already by the powerful governments to stop Russian funding. As a result, Abramovich faces the same threat.

With the price tag of £3 bn, Chelsea has lured in 8 multibillionaires from around the world as possible bidders.

Roman Abramovich in troubled waters

Earlier this week, there was a claim that an anonymous 3rd party had offered 2.5 billion Euros. But Abramovich rejected the bid. He’s only going to consider bids of £3 bn and over.

The multibillionaire parties considered by the Raine Group (advisors of Abramovich) include Ineos tycoon Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Todd Boehly, an American businessman.

The Raine group will be looking to close the bid as soon as May. However, the question of whether the transaction will be viable or not still remains.

Even though Abramovich has long denied any link with Putin, the labor party raised the issue in the UK parliament on Wednesday.

Abramovich last week issued a statement saying that he always viewed his job as that of a custodian.

He acquired the club in 2003, and since then, the club has won 2 champions leagues, five premier leagues, and FA community shields. As well as a significant number of other trophies as well.

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