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Rohit Sharma becomes first Indian to smash 250 sixes in ODIs

Rohit Sharma becomes first Indian to smash 250 sixes in ODIs
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In the first ODI against England at Kennington Oval, Rohit Sharma became the first Indian to smash 250 sixes in ODIs.

He achieved this milestone during his knock of 76*while chasing the target of 111 set by England. Sharma’s inning was one of poise, composure and some stupendous batting. The Indian Captain smashed 7 fours and 5 sixes to help his team reach the target in just 18.4 overs.

Rohit Sharma also has the most sixes hit by a player in last five years.

Sharma had support from Shikhar Dhawan. Playing for the national team after a long sabbatical, Dhawan too showed some sensibility. He played a knock of 31 off 54 balls. Yes, it was something against his nature. But he did play second fiddle to his captain and batting partner to see India over the line without losing a wicket.

Rohit Sharma becomes fourth batter overall to hit 250 sixes

With this inning of 76*, Sharma has entered the league of elites.

Rohit Sharma is now the only fourth batter in the world to have smashed 250 sixes in ODI cricket.

There are only a few batters ahead of him. And none of them is active currently.

On the third spot of most sixes in ODIs is Sanath Jaisurya of Srilanka. The quirky former opener has 270 sixes to his name in 445 ODIs.

The player gracing the second position in this tally is none other than Christopher Henry Gayle of West Indies. The universal boss can’t be kept out of six-hitting competitions. And with 331 sixes in just 301 matches, he shows why he’s the universal boss.

Pakistan’s premium hard hitter Shahid Afridi is the numero uno on this list. Boom Boom has smashed a total of 351 sixes in his 398 appearances for the country in ODIs.

Rohit Sharma has played just 230 ODIs to reach this milestone. Although it looks unlikely that the player will be able to play another 100 ODIs, considering his recent issues with fitness. But if anyone can break Afridi’s record, then its Rohit Sharma.

The ease with which he puts the ball out of the park is not possessed by many. Hopefully, he will remain fit, and the world will get to witness the Indian opener break all records.

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