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Rishabh Pant fined 100% of his match fees after altercation with umpire

Rishabh Pant fined 100% of his match fees after altercation with umpire
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BCCI has decided to take strict actions against Rishabh Pant after his antics against Rajasthan Royals on Friday.

In what was a great thriller chase, the Delhi Capitals’ captain lost his head after an umpiring error. The incident took place in the 20th over of the game.

Chasing a massive total of 222 runs in 20 overs, DC required 36 off the last.

It would have been a game-set match for the bowling team on any other day, given that they bowled a delivery that conceded less than six runs.

Sounds easy, right? But Obed McCoy found of Rajasthan Royals found it really hard. And ended up conceding 18 runs in the first three balls itself.

Everything seemed to be going in DC’s favor all of a sudden. But one decision by the umpire didn’t.

The third delivery that Roman Powell dispatched for a massive six was a waist-height full toss. Or so it seemed to players sitting in the Delhi’s dugout, and they demanded a no-ball be called.

Rishabh Pant disagreed with Umpires

On the other hand, the on-field umpires didn’t necessarily see it the same way. Hence, they decided not to call it a no-ball. And Rishabh Pant was not happy with this decision.

He was very livid with the umpires’ poor judgment and decided to call his batters back. He also sent the bowling coach Pravin Amre on the field to sort this matter out.

But that is not how things take place in cricket, do they? It is perhaps written, or maybe an unwritten one that says: Umpire’s decision is the final decision.

This lack of compliance with the rules has landed Rishabh Pant into trouble. And BCCI has decided to fine 100% of his match fees for his action. The bowling coach Amre on the other hand, is handed a one-match suspension for his storming onto the ground. Shardul Thakur was also handed a 50% fine.

Pant turns back the clock

Pant is not the first captain to have tried to halt the game over a no-ball decision not going his team’s way.

You will be surprised to know (if you don’t already know) that MS Dhoni once did the same in the 2019 edition of IPL.

The captain cool lost all his cool when the umpires overlooked a similar decision. Unlike Rishabh Pant, he walked out on the pitch all by himself to sort the matter out. He was later fined 50% of his match fees as well.

Coincidentally enough, that event also took place against Rajasthan Royals.

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