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Ravichandran Ashwin reacts to Deepti Sharma’s incident, calls for ICC to give “bravery award”

As the debate with the run out incident involving Deepti Sharma and Charlotte Dean is going out of hand, Ravichandra Ashwin has decided t step in to defend his compatriot.

A quick recap of the incident

On Saturday, India and England met head on in the final game of ODI series in Lords. India had already won the series and were looking for a historic whitewash on the hosts. But the English women didn’t make the task easy for India.

Chasing the score of 170, they were depleted to 6 wickets for just 60 odd runs. But made a tremendous comeback. With 16 required off 29, they seemed to be very much favourites to win the game.

That was until the unfortunate incident occurred. And Dean was ran out at the non-striker’s end by some improvised thinking of Deepti Sharma. As a result, England lost the game and the series.

However, it was the manner of Dean’s dismissal that made the news in internet.

Ravichandran Ashwin comes to Deepti Sharma’s support.

Former and Current English men’s cricketer were the loudest of the lot who criticised the move by Deepti Sharma. Take a look at the criticism posed by them.

However, Ashwin was proactive enough in his replies. He started off with lauding Deepti as a hero. And called out to people who were trending his name on twitter for his history with Mankading.

“Why the hell are you trending Ashwin? Tonight, is about another bowling hero,” he wrote in one of his tweets. Things went out of hand when James Anderson, Stuart Broad, and Sam Billings tweeted their response to the incident.

In one of his tweet Billings wrote, “Imagine how many more wickets you could get James,” by employing ‘mankading’.

To this the Veteran Indian spinner replied, “In fact that is a great idea. How about awarding that wicket to the bowler for his ‘presence of mind.’”

Ashwin has always been a promoter of doing everything in your right to get a wicket. If this little bit of chicanery is supported by the law makers, then really the fuss around it doesn’t make sense.

Truth be told, Deepti Sharma has done nothing wrong as far as the rule books are concerned. She is well within the right to take an opportunity. Hence, she should be hailed for her presence of mind. Instead of getting blemished for it.

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